trustlyTrustly is the all new way to make payments using your mobile phone, which has been appearing at online casinos. Although Trustly was founded in 2008, it was only available in Scandinavian territories, the service has been slowly rolling out into the UK since 2015, with mobile casinos being some of the biggest early supporters of the platform.

Trustly is an online e-wallet with a difference. Instead of allowing players to store their money in a separate online wallet, Trustly gives players the ability to instantly access any of their bank accounts, without the need for time consuming login steps, whilst also keeping your money safe.

Players can instantly access all their money, at any play and any time, from the convenience of their mobile phone. In this guide, we'll explain in detail how Trustly works and how you can use it to its fullest extent at GoWin Casino.


What Makes Trustly A New Kind Of Mobile Payment Method

trustly europeTrustly brings together the strengths and freedom of bank payments, but with all the ease of use that mobile phone depositing offers players. It's mobile banking, plain and simple, delivering a solution to the problems which traditional card payments and mobile phone billing present to players when making deposits at their mobile casinos. Although at present you can only use 43 banks with your Trustly service, that number is being expanded all the time, with more and more smaller banks being supported all the time.

Players love being able to make a payment to their casino straight from their bank. Not only does it make it easy to track your money, as it all comes from your primary source of income, but it also doesn't give players any depositing limits, which may restrict you from enjoying the best from casino promotions and bonuses.

However, players really dislike the idea of inputting their banking information into their casino, not only because the number of card details takes a long to input each time, but players are also very uncomfortable with having their bank details saved to a casino where it is potentially at risk. On the other hand, players who use mobile phone bill depositing methods like Boku particularly enjoy the fact that they can use the service from their mobile phone, with very little login details.

Literally having to hold your mobile in order to access your funds is a great security method and removes a lot of risk when it comes to making mobile payments. E-wallets have come a way to solving both problems, allowing players to access their bank accounts via their mobile phones and also allowing players to login quickly to their online wallet account using mobile friendly forms of security.

The issue with e-wallets is that most of them require players to move their money around from their actual bank account into their online e-wallet in order to make payments, with the additional security threat their their online account can be accessed remotely from other devices, meaning that anyone with your password might be able to drain your accounts.

trustly simple paymentsTrustly solves both these problems with an elegant solution that is beneficial to both player types. Trustly allows players to login by using security keys. What this entails is that when players login to their Trustly account, they get sent a unique code via SMS, which they can login in with. This is not only a quick login method, but it is also safe as there's no password for anyone to steal. Trustly is also only accessible on the mobile device which it was set up with, so only the person holding the mobile phone, which is most likely you, can access their Trustly account.

Once you're logged in, you have access to all your bank accounts, with any payments taken directly from your account, with no middle step of an online wallet required to complete payments. You can store as many of your bank accounts onto your Trustly account as you want, so you can access all your funds from one single application. And finally, there's no need to input any bank details onto your casinos, since it's only your Trustly account that you attach to your casino.

So, none of your bank details are stored anywhere else, than on your mobile phone. This allows you to make deposits and withdrawals from your bank account to your casino, with the peace of mind that you're enjoying the best security and service that you can expect from any form of casino banking method.


How You Can Use Trustly At Your Mobile Casino

Trustly is simple and easy to use, with very few steps required in order to access your bank accounts and start depositing and withdrawing quickly into your mobile casino.

  1. Head to the depositing page of your mobile casinotrustly secure login
  2. Select Trustly as your preferred depositing method
  3. Login to your Trustly account using either a password or security key method
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  5. Select which bank account you want to deposit your money from
  6. Confirm the payment and receive an SMS receipt or email receipt as your proof of purchase

As you can see, Trustly is as easy to use as any other banking method at your casino, whilst giving you a lot of additional choices at each step of the process, from how you login, which account you wish to deposit your money from and even how you receive your proof of payment. Trustly also allows you to withdraw from your mobile casino using the same service, with just as few steps in the reverse.


Trustly Is Fully Supported At GoWin Casino

trustly login screenGoWin casino was one of the first UK based casinos which added Trustly to its selection of banking options. GoWin Casino now offers one of the most versatile and extensive range of payment methods that you'll find at any other mobile casino, providing players with Boku premium SMS pay by phone depositing, e-wallet depositing and card payments.

Trustly gives players a new way to deposit and withdraw at their mobile casino in the form of mobile banking. Now players can do all their payment admin on the go, with Trustly's mobile friendly features that GoWin loves. On top of that, players can enjoy their unrestricted depositing limits, in order to make the most of the rewarding promotions and bonuses that GoWin hosts every single week, with new promos appearing at the beginning of the month.

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