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Sofort Logo We’ve profiled pretty much all the banking methods you can use here at GoWin Casino, meaning you have almost a complete lowdown on how you’re able to deposit and withdraw at our mobile casino, but there’s one we haven’t spoken about before in our blog, and it’s one that you may not have tried before, but we assure you, you’re going to love it.

Sitting at pretty much the halfway point between an e-wallet and bank transfers, Sofort Payment offer all the convenience of the former, without compromising on any of the safety and security of the former. The payment system originated in Germany, where ‘Sofort’ means ‘Instant’, but in now available in casinos around the world. While it might not actually be as speedy as some other payment methods, in most ways it lives up to its name.

In this post we’re going to give you the quick lowdown on everything you need to know about Sofort, and get you to the point where you can comfortably make a deposit with the method.

What is Sofort?

Put basically, Sofort is a method through which you can make faster bank transfer to online and mobile casinos, without the need to sign up to a new account with the company. In many ways Sofort is much like an e-wallet, in that it’s an intermediary between your bank and the casino you’re trying to deposit at, but it differs in the sense that there is no need to sign up, and you’ll never hold a Sofort ‘account’.

Traditional e-wallets require you to sign up and add your payment methods – whether it’s bank details or credit card numbers – to your e-wallet account. Sofort on the other hand, asks you to simply enter your bank details when you’re wanting to make a deposit. This might sound a lot like making a normal bank transfer, but while bank transfers can often take a few days to arrive in your casino account – especially if you’re playing at a new casino – Sofort will process the payment in a matter of minutes, so you can get playing much sooner.

How to Make a Sofort Deposit

It’s super easy to make a deposit via Sofort, and requires you only to have your bank details with you. In almost every way it’s the same as making a deposit via bank transfer, but instead of it coming directly from your bank and taking days, it comes through Sofort and takes just a matter of moments.

To make a Sofort deposit, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to the banking tab at the casino where you’re playing and select Sofort from the banking options
  2. Decide the value of your deposit. The limits on Sofort deposits depends on the casino, but the service allows for very high deposits
  3. Enter your bank details when prompted and hit confirm. You should ensure that your bank participates in the Sofort scheme
  4. Sofort will confirm with your bank that you have sufficient credit in your account to make the deposit, then transfer your deposit into your casino account
  5. You’re now ready to go, with a casino account topped up with a Sofort deposit

Are Their Cons to Using Sofort?

GoWin LogoEvery single banking method at casinos has its pros and cons, and there are of course drawbacks to Sofort. For instance, unlike e-wallets that store your information, when you want to make a Sofort deposit, you are required to enter your bank details for each deposit, which can get pretty labour intensive and kinda boring.

Also, now everyone can simply use the service, because you can only use Sofort if your bank participates with Sofort. More and more banks are signing up every day, but there are still plenty of bank account holders who are going to be prevented from using it. To see if your bank supports Sofort deposits, you can check with Sofort, or at your bank, but if it doesn’t, tough luck.

Yep, there’s a couple of drawbacks, but if you’re going to be making bank transfer deposits anyway, Sofort is a much more sensible choice for you. It’s so much quicker than making a standard bank transfer, but doesn’t compromise at all on security.

If you’re interested in trying out Sofort, you can do so right now at GoWin Casino.

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