Live Poker

Poker is easily one of the most fun card games out there. It has the social aspect of having plenty of competitors around the table. It also has the advantage of being a game that you have more control over, regarding strategy and how to manipulate your odds at success.

But some of the more human elements of poker – like telling someone’s bluff, distracting the players, or gloating over a big win – can be lost when switching to an online game.

Luckily for you, live poker can make up for some of those losses. Let’s have a look at how live poker works, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

Where Can I Play Live Poker For Free?

There are a few parametres to take into account to reproduce a realistic poker game. You have:

  • A dealer
  • At least one person to play against
  • Full visibility of the table
  • The ability for each player to hide their own cards

Because of this, there are a myriad of different ways that online poker games are structured. The main two are online, RNG-based poker where you play on a virtual table, and live poker.  Here’s a breakdown of the advantages of disadvantages of each version:

Online PokerLive Poker
Play for free
Play for real money
Play against real people
Live dealer
Exciting Jackpots


With live poker, because of the technological constraint of having to livestream, the single camera angle means that you won’t be able to play against a lot of other people. But you play against a live dealer, who deals herself a set of cards. And there can be jackpots galore!

The idea is to simulate a solo casino experience. So, just like you wouldn’t expect to walk into a casino empty-handed, you won’t find any live poker games for free.

Where Can I play Live Poker For Real Money?

Here at GoWin, you can play all of our live poker games for real money. Here’s a quick introduction to our current games:

  • Casino Hold’em is our classic poker game. You can choose to play a regular poker game against the dealer, or up the ante by including the bonus bets that are offered to you.
  • Three Card Poker allows you to select and alter your stakes anywhere between 50p and £10k per hand, so you can choose whether to play it safe with small wagers or go all out. If you enjoy a slightly different version of poker then this is the game for you.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker caters to the big spenders, but it’s not closed off to newcomers either. As it’s a variant on traditional poker, you can choose to be taken through a tutorial when you access the game.

You can check out all of these games at our live casino!

Playing Online Poker Against Live Dealers

Unlike in most traditional poker games, the main social element of your live poker game will be the dealer. Like we mentioned above, he or she will deal the cards and also play against you.

The only virtual part of the game will be the betting chips you add on the table. You will do this by selecting what chip to use and clicking on the bet placements – in the case of Casino Hold’em, this will be the Ante bet, the Bonus bet, or the Jumbo 7 Jackpot bet.

Thanks to the magic of livestream technology, the dealer will see what you have betted and sweep the virtual bets into the main pot. The movements he or she makes are calculated to make you feel like you’re at a real table.

And of course, you will have the advantage in any bluffing match, as you can see their face but they can’t see yours!