Live Blackjack

The most popular casino card game is now available live – yay! Thanks to our live casino, you can enjoy the full experience of a live Blackjack game with all the advantages usually offered by brick and mortar casinos.

If you’re just beginning to gamble, Blackjack can serve as a great starting point. This is because you never have to touch your cards – the dealer does everything for you. He or she can also explain your wins and losses to you as the game goes on.

This is why it can be great to try out live Blackjack rather than our online RNG-based Blackjack games. But beyond the tutorial aspect, you may be wondering if live Blackjack is really all it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve compiled a helpful list of questions you may be asking yourself before you take the leap.

Where Can I Play Live Blackjack For Free?

If you want to play Blackjack for free, you’d better stick to virtual RNG-based games. Seeing as those Blackjack tables only exist in cyberspace, it makes sense that you’d be able to play with fictional money.

Live Blackjack happens in the real world, however. So it’s not quite possible to access the services of the dealer and the respective casinos for free.

If you’re here to gamble rather than simply practice, then our selection of live Blackjack games has a minimum wager for every wallet.

Our games Blackjack and Blackjack One are intended for the more casual players. Blackjack One is a simplified form of the game, perfect for novices or players who want to take it easy. Blackjack is the classic version with multiple decks.

Find out more about them here!

Where Can I Play Live Blackjack for Real Money?

All of our live Blackjack games here at GoWin are played with real money. As long as you’ve made a deposit at our online casino, you can have access to our full collection of different live Blackjack games.

If you’re talking about real money, as in, taking risks and playing hard – then you’ll definitely want to try out our Blackjack VIP. This live game specifically caters to players who aren’t afraid to bet a little higher.

And for the really heavy hitters, we also have Blackjack Grand VIP and Blackjack Fortune VIP. If that sounds like you, why not head over to our live casino to check them out?

Playing Online Blackjack Against Live Dealers

The main difference between RNG-based Blackjack and live Blackjack is that in live Blackjack, you get to play against live dealers. As you may have guessed, having access to a live-streamed game means that you’ll have a real host.

Now, as we’ve mentioned above, this can have the advantage of being educational. But more importantly, having a live dealer guarantees that there can be zero corruption of the game.

Indeed, the stack of cards is right in front of you. And you see the dealer playing the cards in real-time. Everything is based on luck – there’s no room for cheating or rigging the game.

The camera will often be placed in front of the table, with the dealer facing you. You can choose your seat at the table thanks to little virtual buttons that hover over the real table. With the dealer making eye-contact while he or she plays to keep the tension, you won’t feel like there’s a screen between you at all!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our live casino to meet our dealers and enjoy their 100% professional services!