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Some people say that gambling is all about luck. There’s definitely a luck element to it, but if you think that it’s all there is, you’re terribly mistaken. Many casino games require some skill too and certain knowledge is necessary to get the better of casino bonuses. Experience is very helpful when it comes to payments at an online casino as well. To put it simply, experienced players will always use pay by phone bill to save their money. If you want to save your money at a casino too, you should follow their example.

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How Can Pay By Phone Bill Save Money?

Pay by phone bill encompasses all the payment methods that allow depositing at online casinos using your mobile phone funds.

The most popular method here is Boku, but there are many more available options, including Payforit and Pay By Phone. What’s so special about these payment methods? There’s more than one answer here. Here are the ways that pay by phone bill methods at online casinos will save your money.

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Less Money Available

First of all, pay by phone bill methods don’t get along with bank cards. Instead, they use your phone number to withdraw the funds from your mobile account. If you top up your mobile funds as you go, your casino deposit will be instantly withdrawn from this balance. Alternatively, the sum will be included in your next monthly phone bill.

How is it a life hack? It’s very simple. With no bank card attached, you get no access to all of your funds. If you tend to lose control in the heat of the moment and cash in more than you’ve planned, this is a perfect lifesaver. Besides, our mobile accounts are much tighter compared to our bank accounts. Less money available means you simply cannot spend as much.

Well, unless you’re on a contract and pay the monthly phone bill. Luckily, you can’t accumulate huge debts anyway because of the deposit limits of pay by phone bill methods.

Deposit limits

Unlike bank cards or e-wallets like PayPal, phone bill payments have strict limits as to how much you can deposit. Whether it’s Boku, Payforit or any other pay by phone bill method, you can only transfer small sums of money. All of these methods have a daily limit of £30. This means that no matter how many transactions you make and how many different casinos you visit you can never spend more than £30 a day.

When it comes to Boku, you can only deposit £10 or less per transaction. The daily £30 limit remains, but you can’t even deposit it all at once. While these limits are a headache to serious gamblers, they’re a great protection mechanism for those who only gamble casually. As a result, managing your spending budget is a no-brainer with pay by phone bill.

Save Your Money From Online Threats

Sometimes, responsible gambling at an online casino isn’t enough to keep your money save. Even if we do all we can to eliminate unplanned expenses, we can’t guarantee that our money is protected. That’s because online casinos are subject to hackers and their virtual attacks, even if that’s largely unlikely.

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Most players don’t have issues with this because online casinos have layers of protection. However, if you’re still worried about the safety of your transactions and bankroll, start using pay by phone bill. These payment methods are special because they offer yet another layer of protection on top.


Phone bill payments only require a phone with the mobile network for sending and receiving SMS messages. Unlike e-wallets and online banking, pay by phone bill payments are processed offline. Confirmation must also be done via your own mobile device. This means that hackers have no way whatsoever to interfere with your transaction, whatever they do.


A Perfect Life Hack For Casino Players

Many people don’t realise this, but Boku and similar phone bill payment services were created for a very specific reason. The primary goal of pay by phone bill services was to reduce gambling addiction and irresponsible behaviour at online casinos. Not only that, these methods do actually work. Therefore, pay by phone bill is a perfect life hack for every concerned casino player out there.

By using pay by phone bill you’ll minimise your expenses without impairing the gambling experience. You’ll also protect funds that are devoted to, say, your family or home. Finally, you’ll put a stop to the criminals looking to snatch your deposits. So, leaving everything to the good old lady luck isn’t always the best decision, even if you’re gambling. Make your own decision now and start using this life hack the next time you’re up for some spins.


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