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If You Won Big, What Would You Do?

win at online casinoPerhaps the most irresistible appeals of mobile slots is the fact that you could change your life in just one spin. Progressive jackpot slots are always popular and this is because they offer that promise of turning a small stake into a fortune. There's a constantly growing number of players who've won millions, and they've done it by doing the exact same thing that you're doing. It's compelling right? Whilst the majority of players won't hit the jackpot, what if, one day, it was you who did? What would you do and how would you spend it? A little dreaming never did anyone any harm, so lets imagine that you're time has come…


Would You Quit Your Job?

Quitting Job MemeMaybe one of the biggest dreams from a big win would be the ability to quit your job and never work again. However, statistics show that only 52% of people do actually leave the rat race. In fact, 42% of people who've won big, carried on working in the same job they'd always had.

This might be an age thing, as if you're already in a career driven role, it's likely you'll wish to still progress and even possibly aim higher than before. However, if the idea of going back to the same job after a big win seems absurd to you, then what about starting your own business? 45% of winners start up a new venture with their cash. What about that restaurant you've always dreamed of opening? Or that surf-shack in the Bahamas?


Would You Travel?

World Landmarks Speaking of the Bahamas, another very popular pursuit of big winners is to travel. Heading away to exotic destinations would be one of my personal picks, but how many do get itchy-feet? It does prove popular, with 27% of people chasing the american dream and heading off to the states. 24% of winners have actually bought property abroad, yet a surprising 12% of people have still not holidayed outside of the country.

Each to their own I guess, but an around the world flight would be top of my list! The upside, like there's many downsides, is that a big win could see you living luxury life and staying in 5-star hotels when you do decide to go away. And speaking of property, 38% percent of winners spend their riches moving to a new home, and 75% of those who've moved do so from a single apartment to a family sized, or larger we imagine, house.


Family Obligations

Group Of Friends Sharing MoneyNo-one likes a selfish winner right, and if you're siblings or parents won big you'd expect some sort of share wouldn't you, come on you can admit it. But how much would you be prepared to give away? It'd be nice to be able to set your family up with financial security for life and a huge 83% of people do just that. 57% of people would share it with their children, and 51% of people would give their parents a cut of the winnings.

Friends are brought into the mix too, with men coming out seemingly more generous than women. Men are more likely to give an average of 3 of their best mates money, whilst women are only likely to give 1 special friend some cash.


Would It Last?

Dependent on how much you win, you might be very certain that you'd make the money last. Investments, stocks, and employing a financial adviser are all things that winners put a lot of consideration into. It seems that most winners are savvy enough not to blow the whole thing at once, but as this is merely a dream for now what would you really want to be your first big purchase?

Mega Jackpots Series IGTA new car? A walk in wardrobe? Some solid gold bars? Let your imagination run free, but perhaps for gaming fans one of the biggest questions is would you use your money to keep on gambling? Statistics show that 68% of lottery winners still enter the draw on a weekly basis, so it seems likely that you'd still enjoy a cheeky spin.

The good news is that 55% of winners agree that their happier now than they were before, and of the remaining 45%, only 2% said they were less happy. Of course you may not want to spend your windfall in any of the ways we've imagined – and that's perfectly fine as the money's all yours. All Yours.

Fortunately, GoWin is home to some incredible progressive jackpot slots, meaning that if dreaming just doesn't cut it for you, you can try your luck right here. With the opportunity to play on the likes of Siberian Storm and Cleopatra from IGT's Mega Jackpot series and NextGen's Jackpot Jester 50,000 slot, who knows what a single spin could do for you?

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