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Are You Thinking About Breaking Up With Boku?

boku deposit limitAt GoWin, we think that Boku is one of the best depositing methods around. Not only is it quick and secure, but it allows you fund your account without the hassle of further log-in details, transaction fees, or transferring money to a third party. That being said, we know that the payment service does have some drawbacks and sometimes you may consider ‘breaking up' with Boku.

Players may want to stop depositing via a certain method for various reasons, which we'll chat about in a bit, and in these circumstances it's very important to know how to block payments. Luckily, stopping your phone from accepting Boku transactions should be much less painful than a real life break up, and we'll show you how in this very guide.


Why Would You Want To Block Boku Deposits

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There are several circumstances which may lead you to consider blocking Boku payments from your mobile phone, but one of the most common reasons has to do with overspending. Whilst most of the time Boku's ease of use is one of it's many advantages over other banking methods, we do understand that it's simplicity means its easy to lose track of how much and how often you're depositing at the casino. This can result in a surprisingly large phone bill at the end of the month.

We know it sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to manage your budget at an online casino is to simply make a note of each time you deposit and how much. Whether that's in your phone notes or using the old fashioned method of putting pen to paper, if you log every deposit in the same place, when you go to make you're next one, you'll be able to see how recent your last deposit was. This may be all you need to curb your overspending, but if you think that you don't have the willpower or the organisational skills to do this, then blocking Boku payments on your phone may be a good alternative.

If you are questioning your own willpower, however, this could be a sign of a bigger problem and we would urge you to consider further steps as well as blocking Boku. This could be reaching out for help, asking us to suspend your account, or seeking outside advice. Problem gambling is something that can affect any casino player and so, whilst it's not something you should feel embarrassed about, it is something that you should always consider seriously.

Another common reason for blocking Boku payments is if you've given your phone and number to someone else. This could happen if you've lent your phone to a friend or if you have children who also use the mobile. No one likes to be hit with an unexpected bill, so blocking Boku eliminates this risk.


How To Block Boku Deposits

UK Phone Network LogosBlocking Boku deposits from your mobile phone is an easy process that can be done in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is to contact your mobile network provider and request that they put a block on premium SMS services for your number. This block is completely free and is usually effective immediately. Furthermore, the block is reversible, so you can simply ring them back up if you change your mind.

Boku themselves cannot block payments, so trying to contact the service directly is a waste of time. This is because it is your mobile network that processes the payments and that has access to your bank or payment details.


Are There Any Disadvantages?

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If you do wish to block Boku deposits from your phone, there are some things, which you may want to consider first. For starters, the block applied by your mobile network will impede you from all premium SMS purchases and not just Boku. This shouldn't interrupt most mobile purchases, as these are usually made through the App store if you're a smartphone user. Yet, it may mean that you can't complete some tasks such as making a SMS charity donation or voting for the X Factor via text.

If this seems like it might be an issue, it may be easier for you to get in touch with us and ask us to put a depositing limit on your account. Of course, this is no use if you're blocking Boku, because someone else is using your phone, but it is good way to curb overspending. Furthermore, as the premium SMS block is reversible, it means that it isn't a permanent solution to problem gambling. It's a good first step, but as we mentioned earlier, we would recommend taking further actions if you feel like your gaming may have gotten out of control.

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