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GoWin’s top three music streaming services

Gowin music streaming review

Music is a big thing for us here at GoWin and we know it’s massively important for you guys too.

Our recommendations are based on our experiences using the music streaming services below taking into consideration your busy lifestyle. Other factors such as the design, the user experience and cross platform compatibility are also looked at to give you an informed choice.

We focus on mobile, naturally, as most of you will be reading this on mobile too, we all know it’s the future!

#1 Deezer


Deezer gave itself a makeover at the end of last year and you can tell. The French outfit pulled out all the stops and made the service available in 182 different countries thats 127 more countries than it’s nearest competitor. Kudos from GoWin, Deezer.

With music recommendations and navigation looking much clearer the user’s smartphone experience has greatly improved. The ‘Hear this’ tab offers interesting music and playlist suggestions.

Its music catalogue comes in on a excellent second just behind Google’s massive collection. Yet, Deezer’s collection towers over Spotify’s catalogue by a cool 10 million although the argument here is that many of that number is made up by local, unknown artists.

Social media integration also plays an active part in the service with notifications alerting you to when your connections are online and listening to their own tunes.

What Deezer offers is a top service with competitive subscription offers – if you travel a lot to far flung destinations and like discovering new or unknown artists it’s well worth considering.

#2 Google Play

Google play

If you don’t like Google fair enough, but there is a hell of a lot to like about Google’s music player and its streaming service. For starters, Google will store up to 20,000 songs in its cloud for you all for free, yes free, and that’s a heck of a lot of music!

If you want all the whistles and bells you’ll have to pay for it but it’s a small price to pay to get all-access music streaming in today's market. Google’s back catalogue of music is also excellent, the best in class we’d say, giving music lovers such as yourselves the best collection possible in the palm of your hand.

Running on Android, iOS and desktop browser with the highest music bit rate coming in at 320kbps the quality will keep you coming back even when you’re on the go.

Launched way back in 2012 Google have tidied the platform inline with its other products giving it a clean and easily manageable feel. The service is also available on Apple's app store too giving you cross platform compatibility.

However, if you’re a social butterfly Google isn't as accommodating as other services we've reviewed. Sadly, you can’t tell the world and it’s dog over Facebook and Twitter what you’re listening too, may be you don't want to anyway but you can still tell people on G+…that’s if anyone is actually on there.

Google Play offers Google users the perfect music streaming solution. It integrates with your G+ profile and stores massive amounts of your songs in the cloud. A worthy consideration indeed for pumping out your tunes whilst on the go.

#3 Spotify


Spotify was one of the first major music streaming services to cause some noise here in the UK back in the day thanks to its fabulous social networking integration. Notwithstanding its buzzing music community as well as having good links with the traditional side of the music industry.

Spotify first graced the desktop in a big way and recently had a complete overhaul as part of a wider update across all its platforms. The mobile app now looks the business with gorgeous blends of lime green and dark colourings, it gives the whole platform a snappy premium feel.

With Spotify’s mobile app only available to the beck and call of premium a few months ago that issue proved a turn off for some not wanting to pay. However, the mobile app has now been opened up to everyone to use although if you don't pay you still can’t listen offline.

Where Spotify excels though is with it’s social media integration. It’s top dog in this department. Users are connected via Facebook accounts meaning all those you care about are already part of your musical experience.

The options on social are limitless, it’s a dream on mobile too making it simple to send links of your playlists and fave tunes to those you want to share with. Even subscribing to someone else’s playlist as well is a doddle.

Other music streamers on this list may fair better overall in organising and storing your music but Spotify’s brand, huge music catalogue and exclusive feel makes it a GoWin winner.

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