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GoWin’s Top 5 Funny Fails


Have you ever witnessed something so funny, ridiculous even, that you've almost wet yourself with uncontrollable laughter? So funny in fact that you physically hurt from the strain you exerted on your lungs?

We have…

Recently, a member of the GoWin team (who shall remain nameless) decided to fall down some stairs in a busy high-street losing all his dignity in the process, that's if he had any at all in the first place. It was his fault though, he wasn't a hapless victim, he was on his phone and therefore failed to pay much attention to anything else but his call and thus he fell…like a complete muppet.

He's OK though, he didn't injure himself but naturally we decided to find some fails to rub his nose in it a little more and who doesn't like laughing at others expense?


#1 Don't play with fire

The internet is full, absolutely jam-packed with people wanting to help others in their hour of need. It's a great place to find helpful resources, tips and tricks for those moments in life when you need that quick spurt of information to help you out with things like ‘how to tie a tie' or how to fold napkins in beautiful, intrinsic shapes for that special dinner party. That's why we love the internet.

Then, there are folks like this chap above who set themselves on fire so you can learn how to stop being engulfed in flames and burnt to a char yourself, that's real sacrifice people.

Possibly the stooopidest thing we have ever seen. Enjoy.

#2 Don't mess with these guys

A lot of people can't fight their own fights, some cower away or turn a blind-eye when it comes to confrontation and in some instances that's exactly what we'd advise. After all we're lovers, not fighters.

However sometimes maybe we'd wish we could stand up for ourselves as well as these guys in the video above. These guys demand respect…they're proper hard.

Joking aside, these guys would struggle punching their way out of a wet paper bag!

To become as terrible as these chaps requires all the dexterity of a drunken hippopotamus, the subtlety of movement associated with feeding alligators and the delicacy of the final execution enjoyed exclusively by bull-runners.

You wouldn't mess with these guys, partly because you'd be concerned about their own safety, not yours.

These dudes are a complete and utter disaster, a fail of the highest order.

#3 All aboard!

Going on a round-the-world cruise is most certainty on our bucket list but then when we watch videos like these our enthusiasm becomes somewhat curbed.

In this video a cruise ship test launches a life-boat to see if it would work properly, you know, just in case the vessel hits an ice-berg. Granted, it definitely worked although we're not too sure on the whole resurfacing bit…we don't really fancy spinning around in the air, in a boat, on the high-seas…

This has to be one of the biggest fails ever.

Utterly nuts.

#4 Drone

Weddings should be one of the best days of your life. Sealing your undying love to that special some-one surrounded with the ones you care about most as well as great food, drink and a general all round ambiance of happiness.

So why not ruin it all by hiring some cowboy to fly a camera laden drone into the side of your head? Why not indeed.

That's right, this newly-wed couple hired a photographer with drone flying skills to take some fantastic bird eyed style snaps of their special day which turned out to be a complete disaster.


#5 Not so happy feet

We had to finish this piece on a high and what better way to do it than to watch a gaggle of super cute Penguins fall, roll and slide around chunks of ice and rocks? Failing at its most Bootifull!

Of course, non of the Penguins (just like everyone else featured in this piece) were hurt so you don't have to feel guilty about watching again and again and again…

It's been quite a lively one this week! We've had the most ridiculous fire safety video, the worst martial arts instructional video known to man, the most buoyant if not uncomfortable looking life-boat to grace the seven seas and a simply knuckle dragging idea in the form of flying drones into bride and grooms heads. Classics.

Least we forget those cuddly, cute Penguins that never fail to put a smile on our faces.

Keep safe ladies and gents, until next time! Oh, and mind those steps.

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