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As football teams the world over recover from the transfer scramble for those last minute and massively overpriced buys in the hope of salvaging already doomed seasons, we here at GoWin began to think about something…

Apart from Fernando Torres's £50 million pound flop move to Chelsea from Liverpool, what else have people, brands and governments wasted vast amounts of money on?

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you GoWin’s top 5 biggest wastes of money in human history!

#5 Taxi's to the nick, please!



As we all know, getting a taxi anywhere can be a costly affair but recently, after a freedom of information request, it was revealed that the UK’s Ministry of Justice spent…wait for it…£4.5 million on taxi firms to help ship prisoners and staff about the country! Where to gov, Wandsworth?

Rolling down at number 4 like Harry Redknapp’s car window on transfer dead-line day we have the world’s most expensive tea party.

#4 Pot and kettle


Crawley Council, based in the UK, decided to invest public money on vending machines to ensure its staff and visitors are filled up with mugs of hot tea before a busy day of spending, well, more money.

The funny thing was that spending £5,070 on 12,200 hot drinks via vending machines when they could have spent £200 on teabags for the same amount of drinks makes it almost unbelievable! But it’s true!

In keeping with the tea theme number 3 really takes the biscuit…

#3 Fancy a dunk?

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You may want to sit down before reading this, maybe make a cuppa, no really.

In 2011-2012 it was revealed that the UK’s government biscuit spend, we repeat, biscuit spend, was a wagon wheel sized £3 million!

What this basically equates to ladies and gents is roughly 1.57 million packets of chocolate digestives for our politicians which means that about 42.6 million biscuits were scoffed in the course of a year…but what makes this even more perverse is that during the previous year Eric Pickle’s local communities and local government department’s biscuit budget was increased by £10,000.

And with each biscuit packing around 86 calories within their whole-wheat goodness we can see where that budget increase went, Mr Pickles 😉

Moving away from biscuits, tea and the UK in general we cross the Atlantic and visit Uncle Sam.

Seems like the U.S Government likes to splash the cash around too as earlier this year it had an $82.5 million wedge burning a hole in its pocket. It's not as if U.S police aren't armed to the teeth enough…Hell yeah!!

#2 Police militarists…

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Sure, U.S university football games can get out of hand now and again. What with students throwing beer cans at each other and burning library membership cards the threat to national security seems blindingly obvious.

It’s only natural for the U.S government to want to spend just under $83 million on military grade vehicles with general purpose machine gun mounts and mine resistant armour plating for local police forces to protect the masses from criminals! Lock n load partner! Sheeshh…

Finally, we stay State side to discover, possibly, the worst waste of money in human history.

#1 Moroccan Pottery Classes?!

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What do you get if you mix the U.S department for international development and $27 million dollars? You get Moroccan pottery classes.

The idea was to train Moroccans in the art of making pottery to help improve Morocco's economic performance but the English translator hired to draw up the plans and sort out the paper work on training couldn't really translate very well.

What ended up happening was pottery being made that Moroccans didn't traditionally produce and er…the money disappearing, millions of it!

We couldn't leave this piece without treating you to a little extra bonus piece below. Just have a look this…

#Extra bonus! Throwing good money after bad

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The image says it all really.

Not too long ago some bright spark at the UK’s Arts Council decided that spending £95,000 on fitting a rubbish skip with flexi-lights was a fantastic idea and that it would also be considered as er, art…

Just look at the image again…you could buy a house for £95,000…all of a sudden Fernando Torres looks like a good deal, insane!

Well, that just about wraps it up for this week ladies and gents by now we're pretty sure you'd want to have a lie-down or a chocolate biscuit after reading all that?

In the mean time our Twitter account will keep you entertained with regular updates, fails, crazy pictures and the odd casino facts, stay tuned!

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