GoWin’s guide: Xbox One vs PS4

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Decisions, decisions

Want a new gaming console? Unsure which platform to buy? Want pure-power over pure game-play? Arguing with your mates over which is better? Well, look no further ladies and gents as we bring to you our definitive face-off: Xbox One vs Playstation 4 (PS4)!

Before we start its worth considering that It’s been a little under ten years since the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 were released to the masses of avid foaming-at-the-mouth gamers the world over.

Back in the day, these two consoles were marvels of technological prowess and graphical processing power.

However, fast forward to today and no doubt your 360 or PS3 is sat under your television collecting more dust than your mums vacuum cleaner.

There’s a couple of reasons your old console is now nothing more than a glorified vax. The reasons are quite simple. You want an Xbox One and a PS4, but sadly you can only afford one of them. You want the latest graphics, the fastest game-play and the best games, but which one do you choose? Well, read on and we’ll help you decide.

Power and design

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Briefly, ever since both consoles were rumoured for release the PS4 was also rumoured to have the better internal hardware and generally look better. As it turns, out the rumours were true.

However, does this hardware advantage and sleeker look that the PS4 enjoy really make a difference to the gaming experience?

Let’s have a closer look.

The Xbox One packs a meaty 1.75 Ghz 8-core processor under the hood meaning that it’s roughly five times more powerful than the current xbox 360 which basically means it will chuck out some very impressive games. Yet, the PS4 clocks in at just under a 1.6 Ghz 8-core processor. This means the xbox can process data faster but it’s too blooming close to call!

A more apparent difference however is with the graphical capability of the two machines. The PS4 has can pump out 1.84 teraflops of data whilst the xbox can only smash out a weedy 1.31 teraflops. Pah!

Frankly, whatever the flipperty-flop teraflops actually are the PS4 has more of them.

In terms of looks there’s no contest. Sony have actually put a little thought in the PS4’s design with its sleek, tight angles and yet strangely microsoft have modeled their machine on a 1980’s VHS recorder.

So, the PS4 has more teraflops and looks better, we a have a winner this round!

The controllers

There’s something quite satisfying about getting your hands on something new looking,  the feel of mat plastic, those brand new shiny buttons, extra vibrating sensors and those little clicks they make all make the experience more enjoyable. But enough about our fetishes!

Essentially, the new console controllers look very similar to their predecessors. however there have been a few key changes, especially on Sony’s machine.

The PS4’s controller now comes with a funky light bar on its back-end which will provide pinpoint tracking for Sony’s new camera setup made especially for interactive games. The pad also comes with a trackpad on its underside which will also prove great for web browsing.

Nevertheless, these key changes don't really enhance the gaming experience particularly and that’s what we’re after.

We here at GoWin don't use our gaming consoles to browse the web after all!

Instead, the Xbox One’s controller has had a few changes that could actually add to the gaming experience. It has extra sensitive vibration sensors built in to the triggers and magnetic feedback sensors too meaning you can experience resistance on buttons when playing.

Although we love nice flashing lights and touch-pads we really like the idea of being able to experience kinetic feedback with our games, so because we’re a touchy-feely bunch, the Xbox One wins this round!

The games

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The games

Ooh, the exciting bit! Let’s be honest, this is why you buy a new games console, this is where your investment pays-off, the business-end if you like.

With the consoles only being six months old both game catalogues of the Xbox One and PS4 still need to mature. In Fact, many of the developers are still getting to grips with the power available to them.

However, that’s not to say that there aren't some good games out at the moment. If you like exclusive titles then the Xbox One seems to be winning this race currently. Blockbuster games such as Titanfall are selling well and with Halo 5: Guardians, and Gears of War all look very promising too, the platforms future is looking good.

The PS4 still has to find it’s legs with exclusives but again, bigger, better titles are on the way such as Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886, these will be sure-fire hits.

This guide is about the here and now an at the moment it’s too close to call so, sorry but a bit of fence sitting is obligatory here. This round is a draw!


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Without multiplayer, there is no new console. Multiplayer is everything to the modern day gamer, and both platforms make an exceptionally good effort at it.

First Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Simply, it remains the platinum standard for online gaming, it’s functionable, easy to use and importantly it has a mute button to mute annoying 12 years screaming down your ear when they beat you 11-0 at FIFA, little sh*t$!

You can also invite players to your game and have private party chats too on both platforms.

The PS4 makes a good fist of multiplayer too but because Microsoft’s service has had about a decade of experience to pull from Sony’s effort still lacks the polish of its rival.

Of course both online services cost either through a subscription or through a yearly deal but its good value when you consider that you can Skype, watch TV and stream movies through them in addition to shooting your mate in the head or driving them off a cliff.

Because of Xbox’s proven legacy in the multiplayer world the Xbox One wins this round.

The Future

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With the PS4 generally receiving better reviews than the Xbox one due to it’s superiority in the hardware department the future is very bright for Sony’s effort. Developers continually get excited about the potential for Sony’s platform gaming ventures and therefore, things can only get better.

The Xbox One on the other hand has had a some what cooler reception. Apart from looking like it was designed in the 1980’s as well as being proven to be slower at almost everything, people are still buying it. The Xbox has a loyal following indeed.

Although the PS4 lacked kudos with its controller design and innovation and fell short on multiplayer capabilities it seems more technologically future-proof than the Xbox One and after all, if this console will last as long as its much older brother it will have to be.

Therefore, with those factors to bear in mind, the PS4 wins this round.

Our recommendation

To recommend either one over the other is an extremely hard call to make. Both consoles have their own merits and no doubt, faults too. Currently it is too close to call, it depends on the type of experience you want, what kind of games you enjoy and crucially what platform your mates  have if multiplayer is your thing.

What Xbox One can deliver in online services and community gaming the PS4 can deliver with blistering speeds and graphical superiority.

What the PS4 can deliver in looks the Xbox One can deliver in feel.

Whatever you choose, one thing is for certain and that is that you will have one hell of a good time on either!

If you think you can add to this piece let us know your opinions and views in the comment section below and remember; wherever you go, GoWin!

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