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GoWin Amazing Facts

It wont come as any surprise to you that we here at GoWin love everything casino based. Yet, we are also absolutely obsessed with discovering the most amazing gambling facts and stats we can find from across the globe and we want to share these with you, right now!

In fact, from now on we're going to share with you all the amazing facts and stats we can find and share them with you on a regular basis. We cant bloody wait!

So, without further ado, here are our amazing gambling facts and stats this week  – enjoy!

Big Numbers

Did you know, at least 65 million people play poker on a regular basis in the U.S? That's more than the population of the UK which stands at 63 million. Frankly, that's amazing! 

Bigger numbers

Thinking about it though that's nothing compared to the amount of playing cards sold each year around the world which is reportedly about 70 million! Just imagine trying to shuffle all those cards!

Big percentages

We all knew that slots were popular but the numbers have certainly confirmed this to be true as 68% of those who gamble in Las Vegas, play slots, see we told you everyone loves slots!

Unbelievable but true

Forget Water-gate, Poker-gate is where it's at. With dicey politics ever the norm it's no surprise to learn that former Mr whiter than white U.S. President Richard Nixon used money he had earned as a sailor during a poker game played during WWII to fund his election campaign in 1946. By today's cultural standards he'd be referred to as a'Lad'.

First ever slot

We had to read this several times when we found out but apparently the first slot machine was constructed in 1899 by Charles Fey. No big deal right? Wrong! Charles Fey was a car mechanic who decided he wanted his customers to have something interesting to do while waiting to get their car repaired so what did he do? He invented the slot machine. Genius.

FedEx gamble

Now, if you think the last fact was unbelievable have you heard the one about FedEx? No? Well strap in.

In 1974 FedEx, the massive worldwide parcel distribution company, was about to go out of business due to huge price increases in aviation fuel. Seeing as FedEx relied on aircraft to distribute its parcels the company was well and truly doomed. Step forth the companies CEO. Frederick W Smith decided to gamble the his last and the companies last $5000 on red at a Las Vegas casino Blackjack table. What a maverick! But, the rest they say is history!


Finally, in the 18th century, some poor sod had the wonderful job of swallowing playing dice if the police made a surprise raid on an illegal gambling gathering. We just hope for everyone's sake that they didn't reuse them…

More to come

So, if those facts and stats haven't whetted your appetite for more knowledge we don't know what will! In the mean time our Twitter account will keep you entertained with regular updates containing golden nuggets of facts and stats! 

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