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GoWin Weird Bets: Uncovered

GoWin weird bets

We here at GoWin like to have a flutter here and there, heck we even enjoy taking the odd risk now and again, it's normal, it's human nature. However, what you're about to read will make you gasp in horror at the lengths some people will go when the stakes are high for some cool hard cash.

So, it's normal, but what isn't normal is for a grown man to agree to a bet to get breast implants for a year for the sum of $100,000.

It's not in the slightest bit normal to agree with others that the only way to win $450 is to dip your own head in a 5 litre bucket of human urine.

Nor is it anywhere near normal to agree to taser your own wife if you lose a bet.

Frankly it's also borderline insane to agree to bet that you'll change your name to something which has to contain 99 characters if you lose.

Yet, somehow, somewhere, one man managed to fall off the evolutionary scale…and bet with his friends that he could set his own head on fire…

Welcome ladies and gents to GoWin's Weird Bets: Uncovered.

Man Boobs

man boobsAt some point in your life you'll no doubt meet a human, maybe a few in fact, that fits the sub-category of ‘complete loon'.

Enter stage left Brian Zembic. He fits that category perfectly.

The Las Vegas gambler and magician got his implants after a ‘friend' bet that he wouldn't have the balls to go through with getting a lovely pair of c-cup's and keep them for a whole year.

Strangely, Brian found his balls and whisked himself off to get his boobs fitted pronto and a whole year later he and his family were 6 figures richer.

Interestingly however the bet has a sweetener as each year he keeps his fun bags he gets $10, 000. Nice little earner?

Incredibly, 17 years later Brain still has his c-cups. Yet, in a recent TV interview he admits that he worries about how his boobs may sag with age. One things for sure, his wallet is certainly sagging with all that cash! What a nutter!

Pi$$ Head

May we have the absolute pleasure in introducing ‘Phil' to you all.

Phil, a seemingly normal resident of Cleveland, Ohio in the U.S of A woke up one morning not realising that by 3 pm that day he would have decided that he had 450 reasons to plunge his head into a 5 litre bucket of human wee.

Having travelled to a tailgate party at the other end of town the party's make-shift toilet was at the brink of over flowing. Thankfully, one creative individual saw the opportunity to get some value out of the waste and organised a whip-round for a funny ‘bet'.

The bet was simple. $450 for the most stupidest person to have ever graced the Earth bravest  man or woman to dip their head in the bucket of wee.

When the bet was announced Phil wasted no time at all dipping his head in the bucket of fresh steaming hot wizz for his $450. Complete maniac.

Taser! You’re it!


American Football is a passionate affair, emotions run high and tempers can fray. Sometimes, just sometimes you say things you don't really mean especially when your team is taking a bit of a battering.

Step forward this loving American couple John and Nicole. It's not often you get to say that there is genuine spark between two people but on this occasion you have every right to.

On the night in question the Bears and Packers were playing each other in a NFL game and the happy couple were in a bar watching their teams play, John is a Bears fan and Nicole a Packers fan.

John bet with is wife, yes you read that right, that if the other's team won they could taser the loser…they both agreed?!

Johns team won.

What followed next was Nicole wriggling around the bar floor receiving 75,000 volts of electricity though her leg.

Problem was, john was enjoying watching his wife fry and continued to repeatedly taser her again and again.

During a small intermission from the tasering, Nicole managed to call the police and John was arrested. John now faces 6 years in jail. Shocker!

99 problems and ma’ name is one

crazy name

New Zealand is famous for many things, its beautiful scenery, its fantastic rugby team and Sir Edmund Hillary (the first person to climb Mt Everest).

Yet, one man's name casts a shadow, quite literally, over all others. Please give a warm welcome to Mr Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.

Mr Full Metal Havok More sexy n …gah…this idiot lost a bet with his friend and had to pay $127 to change his name to the monstrosity shown in the image above.

Although the details of the bet are hard to find this kiwi is a few fruit short of a fruit bowl. What a plonker.

Burning headache

Head on fireWilliam Bonner made a bad life choice not to long ago. No doubt, he failed chemistry class but even a sea-cucumber with the IQ of well…a sea-cucumber would have worked out that a human head consisting of hair and flesh WILL ignite when doused in high-proof alcohol.

Will however wasn't so sure, so he bet with his friends that he could set his own head on fire, he had to see it to believe it.

Now, all of us at GoWin appreciate a little bit of empirical evidence but good old Will should have just asked. Instead, the 36 year decided to carry out his experiment on his own head. Needless to say he won the bet! Twit.

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