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During the next couple of weeks we here at GoWin will explore our exciting range of top quality HD games and pick the four most popular that week!

Frankly, ladies and gents, you are in for a treat. This week we take a closer look at those Plucky Pirates, slink-off with Meow Money and fire from the hip with Gunslingers Gold. Oh, and we saved the Best of British till last, not a bad little collection if we say so ourselves.

Plucky Pirates

Plucky Pirates


Washing up on our mobiles this week at number one spot is Plucky Pirates.

Plucky Pirates seems to be the game you guy’s and gals wanted to cross swords with first on your smartphone.

It’s little surprise to us however as the Pirate characters and animations look fabulous on the small screen. When playing the game the translucent 5 reel 9 slot is awash with green seas and lost sands from a forgotten treasure island.

The game gives you that castaway feeling too, you can get so engrossed in the action that it feels like you're on your own little treasure Island as you begin to stack up all that gold.

Forget pieces of eight though, with chances to win up to £2,500 on just one line being more than possible your treasure chest could very soon be bulging.

What makes Plucky Pirates so damn good is that bets can start from just 1p!

So, even if you have an eye missing, a hook for a hand and a wooden leg, you’d be hopping mad not to take to the seas with our Plucky Pirates!

Meow Money

Meow Money


Cats are clever creatures, much like our players, they know great deals when they see one!

However It’s impossible to resist the cuteness emitting from your handset with Meow Money, you just want to take these kitties home and keep them forever and ever..ahem. But don’t be fooled by all this sweetness and light, oh no, you’d better get a grip and stop being a pussy quick as up to £500 is at stake on any given single line. You could be a whisker away from a big, big win.

The beauty of Meow Money as with all our games is the fact they can also be played on tablet meaning if you have big or sharper claws, you’ll be just fine.

As far as our players are concerned there’s nothing fishy about Meow Money, it’s simply the top cat around here.

Gunslingers Gold

Gunslingers Gold

Playing GoWin on your smartphone device is like wearing a badge, metaphorically speaking. It means you're focused, driven and ambitious. In the wild-west you’d be sherif. That’s what Gunslingers Gold is all about, it’s the sheriff’s badge, it bad-ass and goodness you have to be tough to play this game.

No sticklers or slackers here, just slingers. You’ll need to fire from the hip and pretty damn quick too if you want that £500 bounty especially when this slot spits 15 lines at you. With more extra spins than you can slap your thigh at and bets starting so low that they’d start a stampede you better get riding sheriff!

Best of British

Best of British

Another firm favourite this week with Best of British.

This fun filled slot encourages you to grab your bobbies hat and jump on the buses on this journey through what the Best of British has to offer.

Tea and scones anyone? Wrong! Forget Pride and Prejudice, where’s your stiff upper lip?

This slot will have you in fighting spirit especially when you get the chance to increase your winnings by x 500, core blimey gov!

With extra spins and bonuses, sanctioned by the Queen we hear, it’s enough to make you choke on your fish n chips, just don't piss on them too early or you’ll get a thick ear and av’ to clean out the lavy!

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