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GoWin Games of the Week #4

games of the week

Goodness gracious! It's Friday already meaning GoWin games of the week is here yet again!

What a bloody fantastic mix we have this week. One minute you lovely people are raiding caves deep underground scavenging around for that pocket-busting £25,000 and the next you're pulling cash out of a hat with Magic Touch.

It's all getting too much around here, Cave's, magic…what next, treasure laden ship wrecks with Pearls Fortune? Yep. A footballing master-class during Carnival Cup with a chance to win 2500 times your stake? Oh yes! Or how about a Mexican and Guatemalan mash-up with Mayan Marvels? You've got it! It's enough to make you pack your bags and head off to a remote casino. Oh, we've got that covered too 😉

#1 Cave Raiders

cave raiders

In at number one is Cave Raiders!

Indiana Jones was good, right? We've all seen it or at least heard of it and if not…why not?!

All that running around, jumping over snake infested pits and dodging those lethal arrow shooting walls.

All those nasty looking men with suspect looking trench-coats chasing after you and your treasure.

All those lovely looking ladies that frankly seem far too high maintenance for a chap that carries a whip around with him in his back pocket. It's enough to make you breathless.

Luckily We here at GoWin have gone to the trouble to make all that treasure hunting a lot simpler. We've packed all that adventure into your mobile. With jackpots hitting the dizzying heights of £25,000 its time to pick up your mobile and get raiding!

 #2 Magic Touch

magic touch

In at your number two is Magic Touch!

Some people have all the luck, huh? Good lucks, all the right kit, great car…blar, blar, blar. But what they don't have is the Magic Touch! You do!

And, with your Magic Touch you can can win up to £25,000 on this superb 25 line 5 reel slot on you mobile or tablet meaning you have the power to change your own luck!

 #3 Pearls Fortune

pearls fortune

Coming in at number three is pearls Fortune!

Once in a while a game can just pop up out of nowhere grabbing you by the ankles and immediately tries relentlessly to drag you into the murky, exciting and unexplored depths of  a great gaming experience.

Ladies and gents, Pearls Fortune is that game. With its 5 reels pulling you in to a fantastic win and bets starting off at an insanely low 1p it wont be Pearls Fortune, it'll be yours!

 #4 Carnival Cup

carnival cup

Fourth in the list is Carnival Cup!

This game has more charisma in its little digits than Mark Lawrenson has ever had!

With Carnival Cup you'll fall back in-love with the game in no time. No more monotonous dribble from Lawro it's all about the action and the big win. So, stop bench-warming, pull up your socks and get ready to score 2500 times your own stake!

Get in my son!

 #5 Mayan Marvels

mayan marvels

In at number five is Mayan Marvels!

With the emergence of the Mayan civilization being just as mysterious as its decline there is nothing strange or mysterious about this amazing slot especially when you can win £500 on one line!  What makes Mayan Marvels so enthralling and fun is the fact that with 15 pay-out lines your winnings can mount up very quickly indeed! Unlike the Mayans, your money wont suddenly vanish!

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