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GoWin Games of the Week #2

games of the week

It’s that time of the week again where we look back over the last seven days and discover your top four favourite GoWin games!

After last weeks assault on the senses many of you threw down the gauntlet and bet we couldn't do any better. Frankly we would have agreed with you if it wasn't for the fact that ALL of our games are bloody marvelous!

And my word, you lovely ladies and gents have chosen some beauties this week.

We’ve got a red-hot starter in Dragon’s Dynasty at number one swiftly followed by that lucky lot down at Shamrock ‘N’ Roll. Mummy Gold wakes from it’s slumber and wraps up at number three topped off by the sweet tasting Candy Swap at number four. What a cracking line up!

#1 Dragons Dynasty

Dragon's dynasty

You may have seen the film ‘How to train your Dragon’ and thought that it’s not that hard to tame a fire-breathing, razor-sharp-clawed flying serpentine reptilian man-eating machine (phew!), and you be wrong! It’s quite difficult.

Thankfully Dragons Dynasty gives you a slight chance of defeating these mythical creatures by giving you extra spins, wild-cards and bonuses galore for your chance to grab a smoking hot £500 per line!

That’s why it’s number one this week, combining high risk with high reward, it won't burn your fingers. Much.

#2 Shamrock ‘N’ Roll

shamrock n roll

To be sure, there’s more chance of you finding gold at the end of this rainbow than anywhere else on GoWin at the moment.

It’s little wonder why you lovely people pushed this little Irish outfit up to number two. With bets starting from 1p…Yes, 1p, you’d be as mad as a March Hare to not give this a spin as £1000 can be won from just one single line! Enough to make you choke on your Guinness.

If that’s not a good deal then I'm a leprechaun!

#3 Mummy Gold

mummy gold

Mummy Gold comes stomping in at a dead cool number three this week. With the sweet pungent smell of cash and the sticky residue of success Mummy Gold will revive your lost fortunes from as little as one minuscule penny.

This Egyptian themed slot has proven very popular thanks to its grandioso theme and very generous offerings.

With a £1000 to won per single line it’s no wonder you chapettes and chaps want to build your own dead cool empire!

#4 Candy Swap

candy swap

Finally, last in at number four is a particularly tasty proposition here at GoWin.

With Candy Swap you could win a lolly lickin’ £2,500 on just one line, which means that with 9 paylines to choose from you could get your hands on a scrumdiddlyumptious £22,500 in one spin!

And why not help yourself to pickin’ ‘N’ mixin’ with Candy Swaps extra spins, bonuses and wild-cards while your at it huh?!

It’s mad round here! It’s true, with a penny you’d could win all that cash, we’d swear someone at GoWin has lost the plot but in all honestly looking around the office, none of us had it to start with!

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