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Zimpler Payments LogoWe want mobile deposits to be simple for you here at GoWin, which is why we’ve just introduced a brand new mobile banking method – Zimpler. Zimpler is built with mobile casinos in mind and, as the name suggests, makes mobile deposits simpler than ever before. A Zimpler account is quick and easy to set up, can be used in conjunction with a number of payment methods and allows simple, convenient casino deposits from anywhere.

Zimpler has only just been made available in the UK, meaning we are among the very first mobile casinos to start using the service – once you try it out, you’ll discover why we’re so excited about it. The ethos of the entire company is that mobile casino deposits should be as simple and manageable as possible, meaning it’s soon going to become your favourite depositing method.


How It Works

The only thing you need to sign up for a Zimpler account is a mobile phone number (the one you’re using, obviously). Once you’ve joined up, all payment methods you add will be saved for use whenever and wherever you want them, plus your payment history will be stored for review at any time. Making a payment with Zimpler takes these simple steps:

  • Zimpler Login Screen Sign up / Sign in

Enter your phone number and a unique PIN. If you’re an existing Zimpler customer you will be signed right in and if you’re a new customer, you’ll be sent a verification SMS.

  • Add / Select Payment Method

Choose how you’d like to pay. Say you’re using a debit card, an existing user can simply choose the card they want to use, while a new user adding a card will have it saved there for next time they use Zimpler.

  • Confirm the Payment

Once you’ve chosen your preferred payment method, you simply need to confirm you payment, and you’ll be sent a bill detailing your deposit by SMS. A record of the payment will also be saved by Zimpler.

Why Zimpler is the Only Deposit Option You’ll Ever Need


Much like PayPal, Zimpler isn’t a payment method in its own right like credit cards or phone bill deposits, but rather a conduit through which making deposits using other payment methods is made easier. Once you’ve made a deposit using Zimpler at one casino, the details of the payment method will be securely saved, allowing you to use it again instantly at any other brand which accepts Zimpler payments.

Phone Mobile PaymentBy removing the need to re-enter payment information every time you want to make a deposit, you’re not only going to save time, but you’ll stop needing to carry cards everywhere if you want to deposit, or constantly log into e-wallets. Zimpler saves your information for use not only at the first casino you use it at, but all participating casinos, meaning the time and effort you save is multiplied by the number of casinos you use.

Keeping Track

Because Zimpler gives you access to your payment history in a way that is unprecedented both in its speed, ease, and detail across various payment methods, you’re able to get a clear indication of the state of your finances in no time. Zimpler is built for iGaming and like any recreational activity, it can often be tricky to keep track of exactly how much you’ve been spending along the way when you’re playing – but you can now rest assured at that’s all being noted.

Moreover, because Zimpler works as a universal wallet across a number of mobile casino brands, you can track all your gambling spending behaviour. Of course, we’d argue that GoWin is all you need in a mobile casino, but if you really have to play elsewhere, you won’t need to keep referring back to work out how much you’ve deposited in total. Zimpler will do all that for you!

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