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GoWin LogoThis week sees GoWin casino bring three new mobile slots to your screens. To help you get acquainted with the new games – A While on the Nile, Ramesses Riches and Tokidoki – Lucky Town – we thought we’d quickly profile each of the slots and compare them, so you can more easily decide which you’re going to try out first.

While two of the new slot games feature Egyptian themes (and we’ll get to why you shouldn’t be disappointed by this later) the other is totally out there, but still serious fun. Because each game comes from a different software developer – NextGen, NetEnt and IGT respectively – there’s a treasure trove of features on offer and hugely differing playing experiences to be enjoyed.


A While On The Nile

A While on the Nile LogoA While on the Nile is a five reel, 50 payline video slot from NextGen Gaming. As you might infer from the name, there’s an Egyptian theme at play, but this mobile slot takes a modern and light-hearted approach to a popular casino trope. There’s all the imagery of Pharaohs and scarabs which we’ve become accustomed as casino players, but the graphics bring the theme to life in a whole new way.

Features To Look Out For

The great thing about A While on the Nile is how feature-rich it is. While it’s true that the mobile casino market is full of ancient Egyptian themed games already, few boast stacked wilds, scatters, extra spins and a unique Superbet feature all in one game.

When you hit enough scatter symbols to launch you into the extra spins round, you may suffer a pang of disappointment seeing you only have five extra spins. However, keep playing, because as you use up your allotted extra spins, you’ll be rewarded more at random – meaning you can often end up enjoying quite a fair few.

A While on the Nile ScreenshotAnother feature to keep your eyes out for is the Scarab Bonus – a ‘click me’ mini game which allows you to enjoy big multipliers when three scarabs appear on the screen. This is a gem of a feature, which often seems to come out of nowhere, and can do wonders for your bank balance.

Who’s This Game For?

This is one of those times where it boils down to the way you play. While the friendly Egyptian theme, generous helping of special features and broad spectrum of bets you can place (from 50p to £175) make this slot accessible to most players, inexperienced gamblers should be aware of NextGen’s Superbet Option, and make themselves aware of how the feature works before they play. This high volatility slot will favour patient players who like to take risks for big rewards.


Ramesses Riches

Ramesses Riches Slot Logo If this sounds like another mobile slot with an Egyptian theme, that’s because it is. Before you get all up in arms about us launching two Egyptian slots in one week, hear me out. Firstly, seeing as Ramesses Riches was put together by NetEnt, it comes from a very different school of slots than A While on the Nile.

While the five reel, 20 payline Ramesses Riches goes for a way more classic Egyptian slot aesthetic, the differences aren’t just skin deep. Check out the features on offer in the slot and spot the differences.

Features To Look Out For

First up it’s worth mentioning that extra spins are a much bigger deal on this slot. You need to look out for the ankh symbols; hitting three in one spin will land you 12 extra spins, hitting four will land you 16 extra spins, while hitting five will see you enjoying a whopping 20 extra spins.

It’s pretty obvious when you start playing that the extra spins are the main bonus feature of the game and that’s totally fine. Not only does this hark back to a simpler time in video slots, but once start getting used to it, you can really work it to your advantage.

Ramesses Riches ScreenshotThere’s other features to look out for though, including the exciting ‘gamble’ option which becomes available when you land a winning line. This feature does exactly what it says on the tin – when you’ve won a bit of money, you have the choice to gamble it by either selecting black or red or choosing a suit. If you correctly guess the colour of the card drawn, your winnings are multiplied by two, while if you guess the correct suit, your winnings are multiplied by four.

Who’s This Game For?

In short, your lover of classic slots, who is looking for an enjoyable game, but not necessarily massive win. This isn’t to say that Ramesses Riches isn’t generous in its payouts – indeed you can enjoy a win of up to 5,000x your wager, but with only 20 paylines and a limit of £1 per line, you’re not going to go away a millionaire.

Its traditional theme is consistent and well put together, and it’s not too crammed full of bonus features as to distract from the base game.


Tokidoki – Lucky Town

Tokidoki Lucky Town LogoWe depart about as far as you can get from ancient Egypt for IGT’s Tokidoki – Lucky Town. This five reel, 40 paylines slot is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Themed around Tokidoki, a Japanese lifestyle brand by Simone Legno, the game incorporates many of the designs and characters featured on the company’s products. This is still a serious game: being able to bet between 60p and £600 means that it’s for rather serious gamblers.

Features To Look Out For

Where to even begin. To complement the insane theme, Tokidoki is absolutely stuffed to the rafters with all manner of special features. Though extra spins aren’t on the table in this mobile slot, that doesn’t stop it from featuring random wilds, random multipliers, expanding wilds, cash prizes and symbol upgrades.

The most stand out and unique feature of the game is no doubt the Reel Reveal feature. When Reel Reveal is triggered, the symbols displayed on the reels shift one place to the left to create a whole new set of winning combinations. You’re then rewarded with up to five re-spins which are still subject to all the other bonus features mentioned above.

Tokidoki Lucky Town ScreenshotIn all, the sheer mass of special features popping up and increasing your wins make this feel frenzied, hectic, and at some points super confusing. But ultimately, I guess that’s exactly what IGT was going for when they made this game.

Who’s This Game For?

The short answer would probably be that this game would be for the kind of player who also happens to be a Japanophile, but then that’s a pretty narrow audience and not exactly accurate. It’s also for players who are fed up with mundane video slots and simply want a bit of excitement. After all, you’re not going to get bored of Tokidoki – Lucky Town in any kind of a hurry.

For all its bells and whistles, Tokidoki is still a very easy game to play and enjoy, so perfect for novice players who want something out of the ordinary, but equally it offers enough challenge and reward that pro players will also get a kick.

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