Wolf Run

Wolf Run Feature ImageSequels are the bane of every industry – movies, books, gaming and now, real money gaming. Every successful or even moderately successful product finds itself venturing into the sequel territory in an effort to expand and preserve the existing fanbase.

So, when IGT relaunched its famous slot, Wolf Run with the MegaJackpots brand, I was slightly over it. I had two questions: how does it stack up against the original, and how does it stack up against new, new releases?


Gameplay Screenshots

Wolf Run Normal Win

Wolf Run Free Spins Gameplay


Wolf Run Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

MegaJackpots Wolf Run is exactly like the original when it comes to the game’s setup. The slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines. There are 11 different game symbols such as alphabets, different wolves as well as a Wild and a Scatter symbol. The game’s paytable has payouts ranging from 5x to 1,000x multipliers. The game accepts wagers from 40p up to £80.

Wolf Run Gameplay

An important characteristic of any slot is the return to player (RTP) percentage; this defines how how profitable the game is for the casino as well as for players. Well, MegaJackpots Wolf Run has a RTP percentage of 91.02% when the jackpot is over 500,000 and 93.04% when the jackpot is over one million. You’ll find better percentages in other slots, which usually go up to 95 or 96 percent. However, you won’t find six-figure jackpots in those slots, would you?

Bonus Features

The only reason people play Wolf Run is because of its famed jackpot prize. Hence, I’ll dedicate a significant portion of this review to tell you everything I know about this jackpot. You’ll score the jackpot when you cover the entire gaming board with MegaJackpots symbols. This can happen at any time, even during free spins rounds. First of all, it’s a progressive jackpot. Every wager that is every placed on the game contributes to the prize pool, so that the prize pool keeps growing. The longer it the wait for someone to win the jackpot, the larger and larger the prize gets.

The jackpot is also a network jackpot. This means that the same game is hosted on many casinos all across Europe, spanning 14 languages and 23 currencies. The prize pool is also shared by the other three games in the MegaJackpots series. Whenever someone plays a MegaJackpots game anywhere in UK and Europe, the prize pool grows bigger and bigger. In fact, the prize pool grows at a faster pace than any other jackpot slot game around. The game’s producer, IGT predicted that the jackpot will grow 1.6x every three months.

Wolf Run Game Introduction

The jackpot’s seed value is £500,000. This is the amount that the jackpot is reset to after it is won by someone. It’s a very attractive amount indeed, much more attractive than most of the jackpot slots available in the UK.

Pay attention to my final point now: the jackpot is configured such that the odds of winning are linearly proportional to the size of your wager. In other words, the bigger the size of your wager, the higher your chances of winning the prize! Of course, you must always play within your limits, not blow your entire bankroll onto what is essentially an instant lottery ticket. It also isn’t fun if you wager all of your gaming budget on a single spin, as you wouldn’t have any left to play on other games.

Wolf Run Free Spins Win

Aside from the jackpot, there are the simple Wild symbols and free spins. The Wild symbol is denoted by two symbols in this game: the wolf howling at the moon and the MegaJackpots. They substitute all other symbols to complete winning paylines. The MegaJackpots symbol is stacked too, which means that it always shows up in groups and increases the likelihood of scoring complete paylines. The Free Spins symbol gives away five free spins whenever you land three of them anywhere on the reels.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

MegaJackpots Wolf Run looks exactly like the original. The game has got the same wolves and old Indian totems. I would have liked an aesthetic refresh, but I guess it wasn’t on the list of IGT’s priorities. The game is also compatible on all platforms and works perfectly on the desktop and mobile platform.

Wolf Run Free Spins Big Win


What's Great About Wolf Run Mobile Slot?

IGT didn’t just tack on a copyrighted “MegaJackpots” brand onto Wolf Run and call it a new slot. Why, IGT tacked on a £500K jackpot. The MegaJackpots brand is well known for giving away more than $5.7 billion through its American land-based slot machines and its six-figure jackpots in the European online versions. Wolf Run joins the MegaJackpots family alongside three other IGT titles, Isle O Plenty, Cleopatra and Siberian Storm. It’s an incredible upgrade for this old slot, by any measure.

Wolf Run Free Spins Super Big Win


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

If you’re looking for a jackpot game, MegaJackpots Wolf Run ranks among the top 5 games in the whole of UK. Very few other slots – save for NetEnt’s Mega Fortune and Microgaming’s Mega Moolah – can match Wolf Run in terms of size and liquidity (how big the prizes are and how fast the prize pool grows). However, if you were looking for an evening of fun slot gaming, you might prefer playing other slots instead. Given the game’s low payout percentage and lack of features, you’ll find smaller and fewer base-game payouts than usual.