Wheel of Fortune on Tour

Wheel of Fortune on Tour Feature ImageHow would you like to go on a road trip where the longer you’re on the road, the more money you’ll win? Well, join us on IGT’s new slot, the Wheel of Fortune on Tour.

We’ll take you around the great land of USA on a big bus. As we stop at each iconic landmark, we’ll unlock cash prizes, multipliers and lots of extra features! Of course, we’ll spin that famous Wheel of Fortune too! It’s a road trip like no other.


Gameplay Screenshots

Wheel of Fortune on Tour Game Introduction

Wheel of Fortune on Tour Normal Win


Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

Before we get into the tour details, let’s get you briefed on the basics. The game has five reels and 30 paylines. You can play from 50p to £500 per spin.

The reels are loaded up with eight different symbols. The higher-value symbols are those depicting famous US landmarks: New York’s Statue of Liberty, LA’s Hollywood Boulevard, the White House, Mount Rushmore and the Route 66 signboard.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour Special Symbols


Besides these, you’ll want to look out for the Wheel of Fortune symbol. This is the game’s Wild symbol that replaces all other symbols on the screen. The Wild symbol can appear on the reels as part of a spin or when the giant tour bus crosses the screen. On a really good day, the bus would double back and cross the screen a second time, throwing another round of extra Wild symbols on the screen.

The game RTP percentage ranges from 92.5% to 96.6%, depending on what level you’re on. It’s a medium volatility slot, so you’ll find a good balance between frequency and size of hits.


Bonus Features

Wheel of Fortune on Tour features IGT’s famous Level Up Plus feature. Here is how it works: you’ll first need to collect bonus symbols (the Winnebago Tour Bus symbol) to fill up your petrol tank (located in the bottom left corner of your screen). It takes 10 bonus symbols to fill up the entire tank. Each full tank takes you one mile on the giant 150-mile road trip. If that sounds like a chore, you can try and get three bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously, which fills your entire tank immediately.

After you hit a certain mileage, you’ll unlock a level and its corresponding bonus feature. You’ll also get a turn at the Wheel of Fortune bonus game! It’s a really goodie – there are cash prizes from 300x to 10,000 your multiplier all around the wheel. Finally, the game payout percentage also improves with each level.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour Wheel Feature


Here are the different prizes that you stand to unlock at each level:

  • Level 1 (1st mile): Instant cash prize.
  • Level 2 (5 miles travelled): Three free spins. During the free games, one regular symbol is temporarily transformed into a wild.
  • Level 3 (13 miles): The top cash award of 1,000 coins now occupies two slots on the Wheel of Fortune. This doubles your chances of winning it!
  • Level 4 (25 miles): The Letter Board Picker bonus game. You get to pick five different letters; each letter reveals cash prizes and multipliers.
  • Level 5 (45 miles): A new multiplier prize is added to the Wheel of Fortune. It’ll give you one extra spin of the wheel, with a 2x to 5x multiplier applied onto it.
  • Level 6 (80 miles): You unlock the Spin to Win bonus game. You get to pick new awards to put on the Wheel of Fortune. It’s exciting because you can choose to reject the award, in hopes that the next one is even bigger.
  • Level 7 (150 miles): More frequent bonus games.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour Free Spins


The game saves your progress so that you can pick up from where you left off each time. It’s like playing a slightly different slot game every time.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

The bus is in tip-top shape. This slot runs smoothly without a hiccup, despite the multitude of bonus features squished into it. The game console is actually the dashboard of the tour bus itself! There’s a rock soundtrack too playing in the bus too, so that it feels like an actual road trip.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour Bonus Feature


What's Great About Wheel of Fortune Mobile Slot?

The game is actually modelled after an American game show after the same name, Wheel of Fortune. IGT created a brilliant series of slot games after this TV show. The other two titles are Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin and Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Spins. In my opinion, this latest “On Tour” version is the most exciting. It’s designed such that players have to return multiple times, which is a real feat when there are so many other slots vying for players’ attention.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour Big Win


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

After playing for well over an hour, I only managed to hit Level 3. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? We always think of road trips as romantic getaways but in reality, they’re really long affairs.

So, don’t come into the game hoping to hit all of the features in a single sitting. However, you can expect really great prizes in exchange for your commitment. I experienced such excitement every time I unlocked a new level and my casino balance relished these moments too. You’ve really got to try this game for yourself!