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Some people come here to chill and relax, but we’re here for gold and riches. Featuring five bonus rounds, two progressive jackpots and some vertical paylines, Treasure Coast is a unique jackpot slot from Magnet Gaming. Deposit now and win some good cash for a real vacation!

Treasure Coast slot shows that even slots with a classic 3×3 layout can be very exciting. Although the action takes place on the beach by the calm sea, it can soon get very hot with all those possibilities of big wins and even jackpots. So, let’s spread that beach blanket and begin the Treasure Coast game review.

In this slot, you’ll be put in the heels of a tourist enjoying the sun and the wind by the sea. Luckily, the coast around him is full of treasures. He just has to search a little bit. Could you help him find something buried deep in the sand or in an abandoned bunker nearby? Or will the wind be favourable today and help your boat win the race in the sea? We totally think so if you just learn how to play Treasure Coast.



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Treasure Coast Game Mechanics

The base game of Treasure Coast is fairly simple, especially since it only has three reels and eight paylines. What’s unusual is that three of them are outright vertical rather than horizontal. This doesn’t change how the game works, but it’s an interesting addition because a simple stack of symbols can bring you huge riches.

There are 12 symbols in Treasure Coast slot, seven of them being the simple symbols with no special effects, including a beach ball, a kite, a camera and ice cream. The remaining five are bonus symbols, which you need to land on one of the paylines to activate. There are no wilds in the game, but there is an increasing multiplier for every consecutive win.


Treasure Coast Slot RTP

Treasure Coast game RTP is 96.5%. That’s a percentage that can compete with the most popular low variance slots. And this is despite the fact that a small portion of each bet goes straight into one of the two jackpots. That being said, we believe playing this Magnet Gaming title is well worth your while and money.

You never know when a big win might come up and with so many bonuses that can lead to the progressive jackpot win, we wouldn’t be surprised if that beach was crowded with treasure hunters.

treasure coast slot gameplay


Bonus Features

Treasure Coast is filled with bonuses. Aside from the chances to win two jackpots, the game includes five other bonus rounds. You might make a few hundred spins and still there will be features you’ve yet to see.

Most of the bonus rounds are activated by landing their associated symbols in a single payline. However, one small feature only requires one symbol to show up. It’s a set of beach tennis equipment and if it lands, you will play!

It’s a simple feature, but it can lead to big wins. The tennis bat will knock the ball and it will land on one of eight other symbols on the reels. Whatever it is, you will win it. It could be the symbol’s worth in credits or even a bonus game, if you’re lucky enough to have a bonus symbol nearby.


Treasure Coast Bonus Rounds

In this bonus, you’ll be looking for underground treasures with a metal detector. The treasures include small wins, extra moves, and valuable items which can also activate the two jackpot games if you collect all of the required ones.

You’ll enter a nearby bunker in search of abandoned gold. It’s a mini-game similar to snakes and ladders and it has three levels. You need to collect keys to progress to the next level and there’s also a big prize at the end of the last level. The path is also filled with gold bars and diamonds, which will trigger the jackpot games if you collect enough of them.

treasure coast flag hunt bonus

This feature will increase the wind speed and give you 25 free spins. A pole with various flags will show up near the reels, each flag carrying a cash prize or a chance to win either of the two jackpots. To win the prizes, you need to lift the flags to the top of the pole and this can be done by collecting special icons which show up by some symbols on the reels.

Finally, boat race is a bonus round where six boats will race across the screen to the far right side. At the end, six prizes are waiting and you will win the prize which is in front of the winning boat. The prizes include credits and three bonus features listed above.


Treasure Coast Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot games at Treasure Coast can be reached via any of the features listed above, which makes each one of them interesting and promising. Of course, it’s easier to trigger the small jackpot bonus game, but you might go to the big jackpot directly from the small one too.

These bonuses include leaflets with five boxes, each one showing a credit prize or the jackpot. The small jackpot game also has the chance to win the large jackpot as a prize. Other than that, it’s a completely randomized game, so all you can do here is trigger it as often as you can until the jackpot itself lights up.

treasure coast super jackpot win


User Interface and Experience

Although the animations are a little odd sometimes, Treasure Coast is surprisingly fun to play. Not only that, the game is designed in HTML5 and will work on all devices flawlessly. This means no lag or freeze, no black screen and no errors, no matter how long the application has been running already.

Other than that, we love the little guy sitting there by the reels, waving every twenty seconds in a weird manner and having his stuff disappear right from his hands all the time. It definitely adds some… charm to this slot.

Finally, the interface is the same as in all Magnet Gaming slots, so it isn’t cluttered, but finding something quickly can be tricky. Just to save you a few seconds, press on the cogwheel to change the bet size and the paytable can be found on the umbrellas in the bottom right corner.


Our Take on the Game

Treasure Coast uses a theme that isn’t original in the world of slots, though it’s much more difficult to find such slots that also offer progressive jackpots. This release certainly stands out from the crowd with so many different bonus games and features.

Don’t be fooled by the small grid in this game. Its 96.5% theoretical return to player speaks for itself and the chance to win two jackpots shouldn’t be overlooked. While it isn’t our favourite Magnet Gaming jackpot slot, we don’t see why you shouldn’t try it.

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