The Spin Lab

Take a trip to The Spin Lab and get into the head of a mad scientist in this entertaining slot game. The slot takes place over five reels and three rows, which is pretty traditional but the game takes on a new twist with its bonus features.

The Spin Lab Slot Experience

The background and soundtrack of this slot game really contribute to the overall theme of the game. You’ll really feel like you’re in a lab, matching up combinations and discovering new bonuses. Anytime you create a matching combination of three or more symbols, your bet will undergo a multiplying reaction.

If you’re toiling away in the lab then you’ll want to watch out for symbols that make your discoveries much easier. This includes the wild symbol, which is a technicolour icon with the word wild on it that can take the place of nearly every other symbol. This proves exceptionally useful in helping to create those all-important combinations and improving the jackpots associated with them too.

The Spin Lab also boasts a pretty hefty bonus feature, which will take you even further into the mind of this scientist. The bonus is unleashed with three instances of the scatter symbol, which is represented by a glowing pearl. Once you’ve unlocked this feature, the fun can really begin!

In the bonus round, you’ll see a grid filled with 9 different features for you to choose from. These include things like; more wilds, higher multipliers, prizes and extra games. Once you have selected three of these features, you’ll be taken into a round of free spins with modified gameplay. This ensures that the game is always exciting, as you can mix and match these symbols as you desire.

If you’re ready to discover some huge jackpots and become renowned for your inventions, then this game is for you.