The Spin Lab

The Spin Lab Feature ImageSlots may be just a game, but there’s lots of science and mathematics involved in the background. There are slick computer programmers who code the various game features and mathematicians who calculate the probability of players scoring different winning combinations. From the players perspective, the slot game involves not more than few taps.

Well, until now. NextGen Gaming invites players to get their hands dirty in The Spin Lab. In this game, players can choose the different bonus features they’d like to apply to their bonus game. Can you crack the code to winning? Let’s find out.

Gameplay Screenshots


The Spin Lab Free Spins Trigger

The Spin Lab Small Win

The Spin Lab Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

The Spin Lab is another one of those dirt-cheap slot games. Although the game boasts an RTP of 95.93%, bets still start at only 1p. Even if you activate the maximum number of paylines (20), it’s only 20p per spin. Of course, you can up the ante by increasing your wagers up to £80 per spin.

The Spin Lab Big Win

As you play, look out for the DNA helixes, the atomic cell models and the electrical circuit block. Basically anything that reminds you of your high school science lab offers high value wins. The lower value symbols are the alphabets and numbers – 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

Besides the standard slot symbols, there are the usual Wild symbol and Scatter symbol. The multi-coloured Wild symbol can take the place of any other symbol on the board to complete winning combinations. Meanwhile, the silver sphere Scatter activates the bonus game.


Bonus Features

The experimental science theme continues in the bonus game. Get three of these on the board and you’re welcomed into the Spin Lab, where players can design aspects of the bonus game themselves. To start you off, the game gives each player five free spins. Then, the game will invite you to choose your preferred extras. There are three shelves to choose extras from, and you must choose one feature from each shelf.

The Spin Lab Free Spins Gameplay

Shelf One:

  • Transformation of all high-value symbols into one
  • Stacked high-value symbols
  • Cash prizes every time your chosen symbol appears

Shelf Two:

  • Stacked wilds
  • Extra wilds on the reels
  • 2-10x multiplier on all wins with a Wild symbol

Shelf Three:

  • 2x multiplier on all wins
  • Wins paid from both left to right, and right to left
  • Five extra free spins

The Spin Lab Feature Combination

There are 27 possible combinations and I’ve only got the chance to try out a handful myself. It’s a hard mathematical problem really and we can only conclude which combination works best if we get a large number of tries. On average, I must’ve won 15-20x my wager each time I triggered the free spins. Not too shabby for an amateur scientist!

On average, our usual winnings were at least two times our spin wager, and on lucky spins we would get just a little over ten times our spin wager in the base game. The free spins mode is a different ball game altogether as the multipliers does make a massive difference. If you are lucky enough to trigger any feature every now and then, maintaining your bank balance will not be an issue.

User Interface And Gaming Experience

The game’s designers have done a good job of replicating the mad scientist’s laboratory. There’s a soundtrack befitting that of a sci-fi movie and symbols that wouldn’t look out of place in a lab. Of course, the game works well on both mobile and desktop. It would be ironic if a science-themed game was poorly executed, wouldn’t it?

Other than that, the gameplay is as smooth as you can ask it to be, even on older devices such as on our aged Samsung Galaxy S3. The Spin Lab mobile slot is playable across platforms, namely Android, iOS and on PC.


What's Great About The Spin Lab Mobile Slot?

In my opinion, all slot games become more exciting if there’s a Gamble mini-game. After every winning spin, you are given the option to gamble with your winnings. You can double or quadruple your win if you can correctly guess the outcome of the next playing card drawn. If you want to turn up the heat further, you can continue gambling the winnings of this game up to 5 times!

The Spin Lab Super Big Win


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

The Spin Lab is a lot of fun. I loved the part where I could define my own bonus game; my risk-loving heart definitely appreciates the gamble game.  There aren’t many slot games in the market that can hold a player’s attention for at least 10 minutes. After all, no one wants to walk away after testing only one bonus combination! You would never know if another combination works better.  I highly recommend visiting The Spin Lab.