Taco Brothers

Taco Brothers Feature ImageWelcome to the tiny town of Santa Maria, Mexico. It is the year 1881 and this fanatic law officer, Captain Diaz has just outlawed the eating of tacos. Naturally, there is rebellion! The Taco brothers step up and attempt to overthrow Captain Diaz.

Perfect setting for a light-hearted slot! The headlining feature in the Taco Brothers is the free spins bonus game. In a nutshell, you can have as many free spins as your luck allows! For as long as the Taco Brothers escape Captain Diaz, you enjoy free spins and bask in glorious Wild symbols.


Gameplay Screenshots

Taco Brothers Super Big Win

Taco Brothers Vault Multiplier


Taco Brothers Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

Taco Brothers is set up such that there are 243 different ways to win in this game. The game accepts bets between 10p to £50 per spin. Unlike the concept of paying for every single payline you want to bet on, you’ll pay one flat price to access every possible winning combination of symbols. As long the one particular symbol lines up adjacent to each other, from left to right, you’ll win!


Taco Brothers Gameplay


There are seven base game symbols in Taco Brothers. First up are the three brothers –  Paso the smart one, Pepe the guitarist and Pico the pyrotechnician. These guys can offer 50-400x payouts in a single spin. The four low-paying symbols – the guitar, the cactus, a bottle of tequila and the mining gear – is less attractive, only returning one-fifth to four-fifths of your wager for every winning combination. You’ll need to get a few winning combinations in a single spin to even break even with these low-value symbols.

Then, there’s the Taco Brothers Wild symbols. They replace other symbols on the reels to complete winning paylines. As an added bonus, two Taco Brothers Wild symbols triggers a free re-spin of the reels. You can’t count on these random re-spins to deliver your victory, but they are always a good surprise.


Bonus Features

Along with the wacky storyline is a hilarious bonus game titled The Wild Escape. To activate the game, you’ll need to get three safe symbols on the reels. These are Exploding Wilds – they’ll blow up and destroy everything on screen, taking you underground where Pico is held by Captain Diaz. Now your free spins shall commence.

During this feature, you’ll follow the brothers as they try and escape from Captain Diaz’s vault. They’ll drop one at a time onto reel 5 and flee across the reels. Dubbed as the Running Wilds feature, the three brothers’ symbols move from right to left, while replacing other symbols to complete winning paylines.


Taco Brothers Vault Feature


The free games just keeps going until the brothers move over to the left-most reel and successfully escape! If one brother manages to escape, another brother is then dropped onto reel 5 and the Wild Escape continues.

Nothing to complain about, as all players do is sit back and watch the free spins roll. The only hindrance is Captain Diaz, of course. Captain Diaz appears at random to imprison any Running Wild brother. If all brothers end up in jail, bonus game ends.


Taco Brothers Wild Gameplay


Never fear! There is a dashing heroine. Senorita drops new brother symbols onto reel 5 and restarts the series of free spins. She also has a set of keys, so she can release any imprisoned brothers that have been caught by Captain Diaz.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

This game is downright gorgeous. From the stylish portraits of Pico, Paso and Pepe to the beautifully rendered animations, the Taco Brothers slot is a masterpiece.

Coupled with classic Mexicana tunes, the game evokes a fun little fiesta mood, as well as a sudden craving for tacos! The design team at Elk Studios has created a game that looks great on all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.


Taco Brothers Small Win


What's Great About Taco Brothers Mobile Slot?

Like all games created by Elk Studios, you can choose to play any one of the three pre-defined betting strategies:

  • Jumper – Bet is raised by one level after every winning round
  • Leveller – Bet is raised by 2 levels after every consecutive loss
  • Booster – Bet is raised by one level after a loss

The idea behind Jumper is that you immediately reinvest your winnings, while Leveller and Booster ensures that you recover all that you’ve spent and balance your bankroll. If you choose to activate a betting strategy, the game automatically raises your bet levels at certain triggers so you don’t have to keep track. You don’t have to sign up to these betting strategies, but they’re always a fun experiment.


Taco Brothers Graphics


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

Granted, the base game can get a bit slow at times. There are sessions when 10 or even 20 spins go by and not much has happened. You glance at your bankroll nervously and wonder whether its time to call it quits for the day. Yet, given that the game has an RTP of 96.2%, the wait is worth it!

Ever so often, you’ll be treated to the thrills of the Wild Escape bonus. Extra spin after extra spin, you’ll help yourself to extra wins and lots of wilds. That, my friends, is when a slot becomes a winner. Taco Brothers has made it into my daily slot repertoire since.