Stickers Feature ImageSlot game designers like to riff on a feature called the “sticky” wild. Basically, a Wild symbol is “stuck” on the reels for longer than one spin. Players love it! Instead of working the reels for more Wilds, we get to enjoy any Wild symbol that appears for twice as long. The feature is so popular that NetEnt decided to devote an entire game to this feature. This game is titled Stickers and its symbols are, quite literally, stickers! It’s a cross between your kid’s favourite activity book and your favourite money-maker.


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Stickers Game Introduction

Stickers Normal Win


Stickers Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

The Stickers slot game is built with five reels, 20 paylines, and an RTP of 96.69%. These are fixed paylines, so you can’t opt to play with less if your cash flow falls. You could instead vary the size of your bets; Stickers accepts bets between 20p to £200 per spin.

Stickers Small Win

The symbols on the reels are inspired by the classic fruit machine. I suppose this theme will never get old. The high-value symbols are the strawberry, orange, kiwi and blueberry sticker; get five of these on a payline and you’ll pocket 400x your wager. You’ll also find the slot machine’s mainstays—A, K, Q, J and 10. Just three of these on a line pays out 10x your wager. It’s quite a respectable paytable. In fact, the game has a great theoretical payout percentage of 96.7%.


Bonus Features

Stickers is built on the simple yet alluring premise of Sticky Wilds and Sticky Spins. Basically, whenever Wild symbol appears, the symbol is held in place while the reels start one free re-spin. This gives you a second shot at scoring winning combinations. Any additional wins that are generated during these Sticky Wins are added to your credit meter. You could look at it like a extra spin.

Stickers Sticky Spin Feature

If another Sticky Wild appears on the re-spin, you’ll get yet another Sticky Spin. This will continue for as long as another Sticky Wild appears on the reels. All Sticky Wilds are held in position for the entire duration of the Sticky Spin, making the game more and more lucrative as time passes. If you get four consecutive Sticky Spins, you’d be enjoying a spin with four Wilds! You’d be surprised how frequently these consecutive spins occur too.

Stickers Sticky Spins Gameplay


User Interface And Gaming Experience

Like every other slot game that rolls off NetEnt’s production line, Stickers is a real looker. She’s colourful and cheery; she’s basically a modern fruit machine. The light and upbeat soundtrack in the background has a way of relaxing you while you play too, quite unlike those annoying electronic songs that make your blood boil. The game is available on mobile and desktop, so you can play on whatever device suits you best.

Stickers Sticky Spins Normal Win

NetEnt really is the maestro of slot development. Aside from offering an AutoPlay setting, players can also adjust the slot’s more minute gameplay settings. For example, you can enter quick play mode to quicken up the pace, turn off sound effects or ambience sound if you prefer, reduce graphics quality if your internet connection is too slow and even display game history.


What's Great About The Stickers Mobile Slot?

These days, it seems as if slot machines only get more complex. The designers working behind the scenes rack their brains to come up with the newest, most innovative game concept. Let’s appreciate some of the more creative slots in our portfolio. AstroCat slot stuffed a screen with eight reels and 1,296 ways to win. NextGen’s superhero slots lets players adjust their chances of winning with Bonus Bet. Wheel of Fortune on Tour takes players on a  journey where new features are unlocked after certain hours of gameplay! I imagine that these game concepts require hours of development.

Stickers Super Big Win

Yet, a slot as simple as Stickers works just as well. Let’s not discount the deep expertise to execute a slot like this well too—a designer would’ve needed years of experience to understand how to time the payouts, how frequently to generate wins and so on. But what I’m trying to say is that timeless features like Sticky Wins and Sticky Spins can hold their ground against cutting-edge stuff.


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

I found Stickers to be quite a low variance slot. The game hits you with many small wins every few seconds, although they never really amount to a big pay day. Besides the mini doses of euphroia, this pace also helped my wallet stay afloat. In a way, I prefer this to high-variance slots that offer nothing at all until the single big win.

If you’re into nicely-paced gaming too, you’ll definitely enjoy Stickers. The game is light and at the same time, rewarding. The game is a classic, yet at the same time a great modern take on fruit machines. Since spins start at as little as 20p, you should definitely take this slot on a little test-drive.