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Side Show Slot Game Review

The Side Show slot game by Magnet Gaming is an extremely colourful and fun experience from top-to-bottom. As you can gather from the title, it stems from a carny/funfair theme which offers a lot of opportunities for the slot to look fantastic and feel like a fun game to participate in. The use of the 3x3 reel structure, which is Magnet Gaming's trademark, also helps with making this slot feel different and dynamic from most other video slots. We're going to dive in and take a look at what else the Side Show slot can offer and explore its full potential.

Journey over to the circus today for a taste of what you could win with this brilliant slot. As mentioned, you'll be swamped by the sights and sounds of the carnival including big tops, snake charmers, human cannonballs, etc. It's a show from start to finish and people can expect to have a good time throughout, and we haven't even touched on how the gameplay affects the player experience.

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Game Mechanics: How to Play Side Show Slot Game

This is how you play the Side Show slot. Based on three main reels and two jackpot reels, the game is incredibly detailed and sophisticated in its mechanics despite appearing to be relatively simple. And it is simple! But that isn't a bad thing by any means. It just means that the game is easy and accessible to play, not to mention the fact Magnet Gaming pours so much effort into every slot they produce. Play from as little as 10p and as much as £10 per spin. Complete with three bonus games, it sure makes for an exciting and dynamic experience and it'll be certain to keep your entertained for a good while.

We'll go into more detail with the three bonus games in a moment, but what you should basically know is that they greatly enhance the gaming experience. With an the Side Show game RTP at a strong 96.5% and all the bonuses that comes with it, this makes winning quite a common occurrence with players but not common enough to make the game boring. In short, it's challenging enough to keep you engaged. With two jackpots to consider, however, that makes it even more likely that you'll get more money, or less depending on your perspective. A 3 by 3 reel, too, only adds to this ease, seeing as there are less symbols to align than would normally be required.

Bonus Features: What Makes Side Show Slot Great

As we have said, there are three bonus rounds attached to Side Show which add extra dimension to its gameplay. Showtime is the first of these and can be activated thanks to the alignment of three Showtime Symbols on the reel. In this extra game, you can use up to 20 extra spins on the reel, meaning you could most certainly try and get a win without even spending a penny. And if you win in this bonus round, you get an extra 20 spins on top of that. It's certainly something to aim for while playing the base game and it can do more to open up opportunities at scoring a large fortune if you play your cards right. side-show-spinning-min

The second primary feature is the Fortuneteller aspect of the game. In the three rounds of this bonus game, players get to pick a selection of cards that are "coin cards". These coin cards earn you in-game credits which you can exchange for extra cash. If you manage to find all 12 diamond card before you find the three death cards, you can get a bonus of anything between 200 to 1,200 credits which, again, you can use to exchange for more cash and bigger rewards.

Finally, the Balloon Pop bonus is activated in the Side Show slot when you align three balloon pop symbols on the main reel. This one is pretty self-explanatory: throw knives to pop the balloons on the spinning disk. Many of the balloons are blanks but some offer credits as prizes. Also, the amount of balloons you pop will increase your multiplier, thereby increasing your prize even further. And then, of course, you have the Jackpot Flash which incorporates a prize of 1,400 credits, and the Super Jackpot Flash bonus which has a prize of up to 4,000 coins. The actual  jackpots, on the other hand (normal and super) have prizes between £500 and £10,000.

User Interface and Experience

As you can well imagine, Side Show has quite the sophisticated gameplay, incorporating many bonuses which all interlink with each other and allow the player to engage on a much deeper level than just your average base-game-only slot. The operation of this game is smooth, detailed and a pleasure to behold. It works well on most devices including mobile and desktop PC. We recommend the latter for a seriously cool visual experience but the former works just as well if not better.


Gamble with Side Show from as little as 10p and you could get a whole range of wins from bets which are, admittedly, higher than average but the turnouts are astonishing and definitely worth the risk. Winning up to £10,000 as a jackpot prize doesn't sound too bad now, does it? With this full-fledged slot game, it's even simpler than before too.

Our Take on the Side Show Slot Game

Magnet Gaming rarely crosses our paths here at GoWin. Side Show is an excellent example of what a simple yet effective video jackpot slot can be. It exceed expectations and then some which is pretty unusual for a game with a carny/circus theme. The mechanics are surprisingly complex but that just goes to show how sophisticated the game is. Rich content is what makes a game, after all, and gives it that edge over other slot titles.

Overall, we believe it's worth playing more than once and if you haven't already, then we highly recommend you doing so. You can find Side Show at any casino that hosts Magnet Gaming content.

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