Secrets of Atlantis

Atlantis is a long lost city that apparently sunk beneath the sea, according to ancient legends. Secrets of Atlantis will take you on a journey to find the treasure left behind when this city found itself at the bottom of the sea. Grab your scuba suit and hold your breath!

Secrets of Atlantis Slot experience

This game starts with a watery cut scene to get you interested in the story of the city. After the scene is completed, you’ll be greeted by four rows and five reels of symbols. The symbols here are all aquatic in nature, with fish, crab and mermaids taking their place here. There are also jewels to be matched up too, just find 3 of a kind for a jackpot.

The mermaid is the wild symbol here and her tail stretches to take up entire reels. This means you have one row of symbols that can interact with any other to create a jackpot. If she appears without taking up the full reel then the nudge symbol can activate to ensure that all possible areas are covered.

There’s also a random feature in this game that can appear on any given spin. It’s known as the highlight feature, as it highlights the three inner reels before coming into effect. What this feature does is choose one symbol to become colossal, taking up four rows and three reels.

This guarantees you a sure win and the symbols left on the reels can make the jackpot even larger. If you’re really lucky then the mermaid can be chosen for this symbol, which will give you many more chances of winning.

If you’re hunting for a slot game that offers riches and excitement, then the Secrets of Atlantis slot game is the one for you. With an RTP of 97.1%, diving into a beautiful world never sounded so appealing.