Pearls Fortune

So many tales begin with a treasure found under the sea and these are the inspiration for the Pearls Fortune slot game. This aquatic themed slot game is all about snatching the pearls out from a feisty clam, so cross your fingers!

When you fire up this slot game, you’ll be treated to five reels and three rows of symbols. Your aim in this game is to match up three or more of the exact same symbol across the 9 paylines. These can be changed with the bet on each line to adjust the overall bet of the game.

There are turtles, octopi and poker symbols on these reels as well as a couple of very helpful symbols. One of these is the wild, which can take the place of another normal symbol in a combination. In this slot game, this is represented by the Pearls Fortune logo, so you can quickly tell whether it’s on the reels or not.

Another symbol that will help you out is the free spins symbol, which is a copycat of the spin button. Snap up three of these and you’ll be taken into the bonus round, where you’ll be playing for free but winning real cash. During this time the reels will be spinning and the slot machine will be spitting out jackpots.

Dive under the ocean with the Perls Fortune Slot

If you want to make the most of your aquatic mission then you can set this game into overdrive by hitting the turbo button. This makes the reels spin even faster and you can couple it with the autoplay function for some amazing gameplay. As the reels speed up, you can win more and more in just a few seconds.

This adventure game will take you deep under the sea but trust us, it’s worth it! You’ll find yourself holding your breath, though this will be from excitement rather than lack of oxygen.