Neon Staxx

Neon Staxx Feature ImageHere at GoWin casino, we pride ourselves as the curators of great slots. We get excited when we discover a gem of the gaming world to share with our players. Neon Staxx is one such discovery.

This slot will take players back to the 80s, when synth pop and neon artwork was just conceived. Beyond its good looks, Neon Staxx is a delightful barrage of Wild symbols and free spins. If you’re in the right headspace, you may even experience a trippy gaming session.


Gameplay Screenshots

Neon Staxx Game Introduction

Neon Staxx Normal Win


Neon Staxx Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

Neon Staxx is made up of 40 paylines. These are fixed, so you’d be triggering winning combinations from all directions, at all times. The reels are populated with eight different symbols. The first four are Predator symbols. In order of descending value, these are the lion, tiger, eagle and the viper. Then, there are four “low win” symbols—A, K, Q, J. You can view the complete paytable for yourself by clicking the small “i” icon at the bottom left of the screen.


Neon Staxx Gameplay


If you take a quick glance at the paytable, you might find that it is on the slightly small side. The game promises a maximum win of only 100x your wager when five lions are aligned; smaller payouts are in the 3x to 10x range. However, do remember that the slot has 40 paylines and it is common for more than one payline to be triggered on each spin. Also, the theoretic RTP of the Neon Staxx video slot is a respectable 96.9%.


Neon Staxx Paylines


Neon Staxx accepts 60 different bet levels and bet value combinations ranging from 20p to £100, so there is lots of room to experiment and adapt your game as your cash flow changes.


Bonus Features

Aside from the base game symbols, you’ll also come across two special symbols. The first is the circular Wild artwork. This is the wild symbol that substitutes all symbols (except Scatter) to complete winlines. The second is the pink triangular gem that rotates about its axis. This is the Scatter symbol.

Three Scatters gets you 10 free spins, four Scatters unlocks 15 while five Scatters unlocks 20 free spins. It’s a good-sized serving of free spins and you can expect a nice little payday each time it is triggered. Also, the free spins are played at the same bet level as when the Free Spins was activated.


Neon Staxx Free Spins Trigger


Finally, we must discuss the Super Staxx feature, which is the central premise of the Neon Staxx game. Basically, the game is configured such that one symbol will always appear in stacks. Think of it like a chain of symbols, where symbols are attached to one another on the reels and rotated. By having symbols linked to each other on purpose, a player is almost guaranteed to get big chunks of similar symbols adjacent to each other when the reels stop.


Neon Staxx Scatter Symbols


In Neon Staxx, a different symbol is randomly selected to be stacked at the beginning of each spin. A predator may be chosen on some spins while a low-win symbol could be selected for others. Regardless of the symbol, you’ll almost always get a multi-payline win on each spin.

These Staxx feature is modified slightly during the free games. Only the high-value Predator symbols and the Wild symbol would appear stacked. This means that the theoretical payout percentage is much higher during a free games than in a base game. You are more likely to score big wins than boring Aces and Jacks.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

The design of Neon Staxx is simply sublime. The graphics in this game are gorgeously rendered in 3D. Those predators on the reels look like they could be part of a very cool underground club, likely an 80s techno club. The reels are tilted back to give the impression of your symbols descending from space. The entire gameplay is accompanied by electronic synth music.


Neon Staxx Graphics


What's Great About The Neon Staxx Mobile Slot?

Compare an animated action movie against one performed by real actors. The former can illustrate what’s physically impossible and bring one’s wildest imaginations to life. For example, a cartoon martial artist can jump and propel himself into space. A single punch could generate comical shock-waves around the impact zone.

This is the difference between a video slot and an old-school electro-mechanical slot. Video slots like Neon Staxx bring new and captivating gaming experiences to the table. There’s no limit to the number or types of features you can integrate into a slot.


Neon Staxx Small Win


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

Neon Staxx is an intense, fast-paced game. In my opinion, this wonderfully intense gameplay is a combination of two elements: a brilliant slot algorithm and elegant design. To pull off the first, the developer has to time the wins just right, seduce the players with wins yet tease them so they’d keep hunting for more.

As for the design, the producers have to commission a multi-dimensional work of art, covering artwork, music, animation. Together, you have these beautiful predators thrown onto the screen thick and fast.