More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots

More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Feature ImageOne of the most enduring Chinese legends is that of the Monkey King. As the story goes, this mischievous rebel once offended the gods in heaven, so much so that the gods imprisoned him under a mountain for 500 years. One day, the gods offered the Monkey King a chance to reform—help them retrieve the ancient Buddhist sutras in the west. Skilled in kung fu, the Monkey King fulfilled his task with great honor and was atoned for his sins.

Yet, you cannot take mischief out of a monkey and he quickly went about his shenanigans again. Slot developers cannot resist a good legend and the Monkey King’s epic saga simply has to be commemorated in a slot. The Lightning Box studios took a stab and produced ‘More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots’. With three progressive jackpots, multipliers, stacked wilds and free spins, this slot is truly worthy of the Monkey King legend.

Gameplay Screenshots

More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Game Introduction

More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Feature Gameplay Win


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots features a bigger set of reels than most other slots. Its 5×4 slot setup means that there are 1024 ways to win! Instead of lining up symbols on paylines, you just need to get symbols of the same type to appear on consecutive reels, in any row.

There are nine regular symbols on the reels—9, 10, J, Q, K, A, koi fish, pandas and tigers. These symbols offer quite impressive payouts of 5x to 1000x per payline. The Monkey King is the game’s wild symbol. He appears on reels 2 and 4, and stands in place for all other base game symbols to complete winning paylines.


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Small Win


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots accepts bets between 60p and £75 per spin. You can find other slots that accept much lower wagers on our site, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! 60p is a bargain, considering that you’ll get a massive 1,024 chances of winning with each spin and the slot has an RTP of 96.22%.

Bonus Features

If you get at least three Bonus buttons, you’ll activate the game’s thrilling free spins round. You could get 7-20 free spins, depending on the number of Bonus buttons you received. Before you start the free spins, you will be offered a choice of three extra features:

  • Eight additional free spins
  • Eight stacked wilds on reel three
  • 8x multiplier applied to every win


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Bonus Feature Gameplay


Which would you choose? In the long run, each option should have exactly the same payout percentage. However, in the short run, any feature could make more money than the other. The most money-making option is yours to find.


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Bonus Feature Level 3


The game also includes a Gamble feature. Game designers squeeze this additional feature into slot games whenever they can, to provide players the option to “go big or go home”. Why settle for simple slot wins when you could potentially double, or even quadruple your win?

To win, you’ll have to guess the colour or suit of a mystery card correctly. Anyway, you can play this after any win. The gamble button is quite easy to miss, as it’s a small pair of Chinese lanterns hung next to the “Spin” button.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

To pull off the kung fu-theme, Lightning Box games found some very festive Chinese music and classic artwork. There’s a temple in the backdrop, Chinese heritage animals on the reels and gongs and lanterns on the dashboard. It all comes together quite nicely. Like all of the games on our site, More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots can be played on any device, including laptops, mobile phones and tablets.


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Bonus Feature Trigger


What's Great About The More Monkeys Mobile Slot?

As part of Lightning Box’s “Stellar Jackpots” slot series, More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots packs three progressive jackpots into a single game. You’ll get a shot at victory every once in awhile. At random, your game reels will disappear while you blast off into space. Time for some video game action!

The rules are simple: Click away and shoot at the objects on screen. These objects—ranging from asteroids, satellites and rare space rocks—may reveal a cash prize. You could also find a green arrow, which allows you to advance to the next level. Alternatively, you may come across a red cross and lose a life.


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Bonus Feature Gameplay Picks


There are six challenge levels in the game. If you make it all the way to Level 6 without using up all your three lives, you’ll proceed to the much-awaited jackpot level. Here, you’ll have to match three similar symbols to win one of the three jackpot prizes in More Monkeys. The Mini, Minor or Major jackpot prizes are worth £20, £100, £2,500 respectively.


More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots Big Win


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

You’ll never find a quiet moment at More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots. This action-packed saga throws features at you from all directions. Multipliers! Free spins! Space-flick video game!

Please promise me that you’ll stay with the game for at least 10 minutes, so that you have a go at all of these exciting features. More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots is every bit as entertaining as it sounds and thankfully, generates quite a bit of cash too.