It’s pretty much guaranteed that even if you’ve never darkened the door of a casino, that you’ve heard of blackjack. The game is so popular that when online casinos began popping up, the game made its way seamlessly from land-based establishments to the web. Blackjack is also commonly known as 21. This is mainly because the aim of the game is to use your cards to make the number 21- without going over. Go over at your peril. Should your cards total 22 or over, you’ll go bust!

In this interactive game of blackjack, players can place their own chips much as they would do in an average casino. Bets start at 50p and end at £100 per round. As is the case with most games of blackjack, you’ll be playing against the dealer.

This classic casino games has a varying RTP depending on its rule variations and player options on mobile. It may vary between 99.3% and 99.7% with an average of around 99.5% on most blackjack titles.

As we mentioned above, you’ll be trying to use your cards to get as close to 21 as possible. Each card in the deck has a value. Numbered cards are valued at the number they display. Faced cards equal 10. The Ace is the wild card of the game and can be valued at 1 or 11, depending on which most benefits your hand.

After selecting your bet hit deal. You’ll then be given 2 cards. You will only be able to see one of the dealer’s cards. After analysing your hand, it’s time to decide whether to hit or stand. Select hit and you’ll be dealt another card. Select stand and the dealer will reveal his total. The closest to 21 without going over wins. The dealer is forced to draw until 16 is reached and must stand on 17. This means that should the dealer draw less than this, they must select hit.

Players even have the option to make insurance bets in this game! You can also re-bet or double your bet which makes things even more interesting!

Blackjack is a fantastic game for those new to playing casino games. Unlike others out there, the rules are simple and easy to understand. Check it out today!