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Lucky Dice Slot Game Review

The Lucky Dice slot game by Magnet Gaming might appear as super-basic to some players, but to others, it's an immensely jazzed-up and modernised version of the classic Vegas 3x3 slot reel. What makes it different from normal 'video slots', however, is the insistence on using the old 3x3 reel structure.

Of course, it also includes all the modern trappings of a usual everyday slot with plenty of features and bonuses. Today, we're going to take a look at what you can do with the features in the Lucky Dice slot and explore what else it can offer up.

Travel into the neon world of a Las Vegas casino and you'll discover much more than a few surprises in wait. As we mentioned, you'll be surrounded by the noise and paraphernalia of Sin City. The 3 reel structure is immensely reminiscent of that kind of atmosphere and all the trappings and sound effects add to this. With a maximum win amount of 10,000 coins, players from all over can hope to grab huge cash prizes if they just play the slot just right.

Screenshots of the Lucky Dice Slot Game

lucky dice imac main reel

lucky dice iphone main reel


Game Mechanics: How to Play Lucky Dice

This is how you play the Lucky Dice slot. Based on 8 paylines, the base game of Lucky Dice is simple: a 3x3 slot reel that allows players to spin in order to win. Get three of the same symbols in a row to make a win. For a game that's largely based around a slot machine, the use of "dice" in the title does sound a bit odd.

Yet, it's not completely out there as it does evoke that classic casino feeling as well as remind players of all those classic fruit machines that used to be everywhere in casinos. Complete with four bonus games, it does make for an exciting and dynamic experience and it'll be certain to keep your entertained for a good while.

There are four main bonus games attached to Lucky Dice which we will go into my detail in the next section. As it stands, however, this allows the player to win a large amount of coins including up to 10,000x their original stake. The slot is a jackpot, after all, meaning that stakes will be higher overall but the returns for your wager will be massive as a result. It's hard not to admire Magnet Gaming for being able to make a jackpot out of only a 3x3 slot reel structure.

Yes, we keep banging on about it but that is the truly unique thing about Lucky Dice and it is what truly makes the game special. Play from as little as 10p or as much as £4.00 per spin. And with the Lucky Dice game RTP of 96.5%, winning shouldn't be too hard.

Bonus Features: What Makes Lucky Dice Great

The primary bonus feature attached to Lucky Dice are the extra spins and multipliers players can earn by aligning certain symbols. The extra spins will come as a bonus reel, which will appear and allow players to gamble for nothing until all extra spins are expired. The multipliers come on levels 1, 2, 3 and 5.

This allows players to get a lot more than their original wager and helps towards getting that much desired jackpot which they are doubtlessly seeking to achieve. It's relatively simple to get onto the free spins reel, but it does take quite a few tries with the spinning and, because that costs more than the usual video slot, you'll have a harder time because of that more than anything.

lucky dice betting lines

The second primary feature is the Game Chance feature which is activated when you gain two or more Game Chance symbols on an active payline in the base game. Once activated, you can then push a spinner which in turn choose from a range of options presented to you for you.

Whatever the pointer lands on in turn activates other features of the game. This includes to Wheel of Fortune, the Flip A Chip, the Dice Game and the prizes ranging between 4,000 and 12,000 credits. All these features provides said credits to assist in-game playing to further activate prizes available to the player.

And then you get the Jackpot and the Super Jackpot Flash games where players can get between 5,000 to 15,000 coins. This is activated once players align the correct symbols on the base game reel. This should be the aim of all players when they start playing the game as it acts as the ultimate objective.

We advise you don't try and reach too far for it, though, because it's extremely difficult to win a jackpot and take a lot of spending and playing time. Just keep your expectations low, that's all we ask. Lucky Dice should be fun to play rather than frustrating.

User Interface and Experience

As you would quite rightly think, this slot game is available to play right away at many casinos that provide Magnet Gaming content. Lucky Dice has a simple user interface and can be played across many devices including laptop and PC as well as tablet and smartphone. You can jump between one and the other with ease, too. It was designed for players to easily access it and you can tell this immediately after you begin to play it. Magnet Gaming may not be widely known but they sure know what they're doing.

lucky dice win

As we mentioned, you can gamble from as little as 10p on this jackpot slot, meaning you get a broad range of bets that have larger returns than what you might be used to. The top jackpot is £15,000 which may not be as large as most other games of this type but it's still a small fortune.

Our Take on the Lucky Dice Slot Game

We don't often see content from Magnet Gaming, which is one of the reasons we are super-excited to see it come to life so readily across multiple devices. Lucky Dice sure does make you feel lucky enough to play it, even more so if you manage to win anything. Given how simple the game is with its mechanics, winning is a common enough occurrence not to feel underwhelming, either.

In conclusion, we think it's worth playing at least once and if you haven't yet, we highly recommend it. We hope you have plenty of fun with Lucky Dice as there's a lot to be having fun with.

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