Kingdom of Wealth

Kingdom of Wealth Feature ImageThis year is officially the year of the slot master race. In this day of age, the whole industry is so competitive that all the developers large and small alike are scrambling to pull every strategy and tactic out of their pockets to make their games better than the competition. Kingdom of Wealth mobile slot by Blueprint Gaming is a precise testament of that statement.

The developers of this game have innovated beyond what was thought as impossible before this. I mean, this mobile slot games literally has multiplier slot games in it. The concept of this slot-ception of a game just blows my mind the more I think about it. At this point, it can’t get any better for both casual slot players and slot enthusiasts like us. What a time to be alive in!

Gameplay Screenshots

Kingdom of Wealth Feature Small Win

Kingdom of Wealth Secondary Reel Gameplay


Kingdom of  Wealth Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

The gameplay department is where Kingdom of Wealth mobile slot truly stands out. Whilst it does sport a standard 3 X 5 reel layout, it sports a total of four different sets of reels on the same screen. Wait, what?!

Well, it’s not as complicated as it seems to be, and no, you will not be playing on all four different reels at the same time. This layout is part of their bonus feature which will be activated as you activate it. Hold your horse now, we will go through that in a bit in the features section.


Kingdom of Wealth Normal Win


The game itself is powered by 30 paylines and accepts anything between 50p to £250 in wagers. It also boasts an RTP of 95.93%. The highest paying symbols in this game are the Kingdom of Wealth Symbol and the Gauntlet Symbols that is coincidentally also a Wild. Both pay up to a staggering 1,000X your wager if you are lucky enough to get 5 of them on a payline.

Even getting three pays a massive 100X your wager! As per usual, the Wild symbols may replace any symbol except for bonus feature symbols to complete winning paylines. Seeing that you have four reels instead of one, the Wild symbols may come in really handy.

Bonus Features

As you may have guessed, the main attraction of Kingdom of Wealth mobile slot is the obvious four sets of reels on your screen and is known as the Throne feature. In the base game, it is positioned in the middle of reels one, three and five and you will instantly recognize it via a golden frame.

How it works is that when you get any of the queen, monk or barbarian symbols on your main reels, you will trigger their respective mini-games on the secondary reels. All three characters own one secondary reel each. Here is a list of the three secondary reels and how the characters will help you earn some cold hard cash.


Kingdom of Wealth Bonus Feature Gameplay


  • The Queen Reel: To active this feature you will need the Queen herself to land in the middle of reel 1 in the base game. A random number of magical hearts are added to the reels where they will land and become wilds
  • The Monk Reel: Similar to that of the Queen Reel, you will need the Monk to land on the middle of reel 3 to activate this feature. The monk will add a random number of expanded holy wilds onto you reels which will then expand to cover the whole reel
  • The Barbarian Reel: A random number of colossal Barbarian Wilds are added to your reels which spread in all directions to replace symbols and complete winning paylines


Kingdom of Wealth Bonus Feature Activation


Oh, in the event that you are super lucky and get all three characters in the respective reels at simultaneously, you will activate the Battle Bonus feature in which you will have to pick shields that reveal prizes.

User Interface And Gaming Experience

Anything short of perfect in this day and age will definitely do damage to both the reputation of the game and the developer. Blueprint Gaming seem to know this and given that they are not giant developers their margin for error is really slim.

Fortunately, they have nailed this game in every aspect that I can think of. If they can continue producing quality games like this that performs flawlessly, I am positive that in a year or so they will be contending with the best of slot developers in the world.


Kingdom of Wealth Legendary Win


What's Great About The Kingdom of Wealth Mobile Slot?

Besides all the star feature with the four different reels in this game, the badges feature in this game is equally as innovative. In Kingdom of Wealth you start with a “Serf” badge and as you play you will progress in your rank. These badges can only be unlocked in order and to do so, you will have to complete tasks.

These task range from anything between winning five consecutive spins to achieving a gallant win from the Queen. This video game like feature is really appropriate for this type of games as it brings out the theme of the game really well.


Kingdom of Wealth Serf Badge


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

The Middle Age era has always been fun, no matter in games or movies. With Kingdom of Wealth, we get to relive those times once again. The Queen, the Monk and the Barbarian will ensure that you have a blast of a time with the rewards that they throw your way.

Guess what, they do that pretty frequently too! With the features packed in this game, it is absolutely possible that this game may just live up to its name.