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Do you think you could make a good detective? Then this is your chance! Help Inspector Clueless look for evidence, collect clues, work out which of the suspects is the criminal and catch all the thieves in the city. As a reward, two jackpots and many other cash prizes are on the line.

Have you ever played Cluedo? Or maybe you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes? Inspector slot is Magnet Gaming game studio’s take on this popular theme and boy does it deliver. Taking place in the rainy streets of Britain and featuring exciting mysteries, it’s a jackpot slot that you won’t be able to walk away from.

Meet the master inspector named Clueless. It’s not the best name for a detective, we agree, but that’s where you come in. This game will require your attention to the smallest details, analytical thinking skills and some bravery to act quickly against those sneaky criminals. But don’t worry, if you don’t know how to play Inspector slot, we’re here to set you on the right path. All you have to do is follow the clues and you will surely win big!



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Inspector Game Mechanics

Inspector slot has three reels and eight paylines. They’re very easy to keep track of because they’re all straight and oriented either horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Since it’s a small grid, you need to fill the paylines completely with the same symbols – this even applies to the special bonus symbols.

Speaking of those, there are 11 symbols in total, four of which grant special bonus games. The remaining seven depict theme-related items such as a revolver, a bottle of poison and a clock. All the symbols are worth more than the bet itself, but wins don’t come often. Once it does, you’ll be immediately granted a free re-spin with a 2x multiplier, which will rise even further in another re-spin if you score again.


Inspector Slot RTP

Due to the reasons mentioned above and the fact that it’s a progressive jackpot game, Inspector is a high variance slot. This means that you could spin a couple dozen times without a single win, but then you could win 50x your bet on the next spin with a few consecutive re-spins and multiplied winnings. However, the really big wins come during the bonus rounds, which we’ll cover just below.

As for the Inspector game RTP, it’s really great for a high variance slot which offers jackpots too. The house edge in this game is only 3.5%, yet the chances to win are numerous and very tempting. Just keep reading this Inspector game review and you’ll find out what we mean.

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Bonus Features

There are four different bonus rounds in Inspector game, each one triggered by its own symbols forming a winning line.


Case File

Case File is a bonus you can activate with the file symbol. If you do, you’ll get 21 free spins with clues hidden in some symbols. Near the reels you’ll see files of criminals you have to catch and each one comes with a set of clues you have to find as you spin the reels. When you find them all, you’ll get the reward for that criminal and move on to next one. The rewards include cash prizes and chances to win a jackpot.


The Suspects

Offering very similar prizes, The Suspects is a bonus round where you’ll have to pick different lockers to reveal puzzle pieces. There are four suspects in total, each requiring four puzzle pieces. Once you collect the pieces, you’ll get the prize of that suspect. Again, the prizes include cash and jackpot game chances. However, not all lockers have puzzle pieces within. Many of them have small cash prizes instead.

inspector slot bonus feature

Stop Thief!

In this bonus, Inspector Clueless will find himself in a maze filled with tokens hiding cash prizes or extra moves. You have limited number of moves to catch a thief, who is also roaming the maze. Once you do, you get the prize that thief holds and the next thief appears.

They offer two jackpot chances and even more extra moves to claim as many prizes as you possibly can. You can always select the direction of your movement, but a die roll decides how far you will go every time.

Stop Thief is probably our favourite bonus round because it features two jackpot opportunities that aren’t too difficult to trigger. Thanks to this bonus, we have won 230x our bet after about 30 minutes of gameplay.


Game Flash

In this bonus, Inspector Clueless will check his notebook. There, six prizes will be listed and one will be selected randomly. They include three decent cash prizes and three bonuses mentioned above.


Inspector Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot games themselves are very simple compared to other bonus rounds. Whether it’s a game for a small or a big jackpot, it’ll be a file with pictures of six criminals. Each of them has a prize and one of the prizes is, of course, the jackpot. The game will then highlight each criminal in consecutive order and finally randomly stop by one, awarding the prize associated with that person.

In general, some big wins await if you reach the jackpot game as even if you don’t win the jackpot, other cash prizes are still very amazing and can cover hundreds of spins in the base game.


User Interface and Experience

Big wins aside, we love the details in Inspector slot. The background of the city is iconic and vibrant. Besides, the style of design is playful and truly well done. The occasional rain also adds a touch of realism and the Inspector’s reactions to his surroundings are just priceless.

inspector slot game flash

When it comes to functionality, the game doesn’t let down either. It works like a well-oiled machine on desktops, tablets and mobiles alike, loads quickly and doesn’t burden the device’s system too. The interface is fairly simple and easy to navigate, with options to change the bet size, maximise it, turn on the autoplay and several others.


Our Take on the Game

As we revealed in this Inspector slot review, the detective theme is fulfilled simply perfectly in the slot. This makes us wonder if other games by this new software developer are just as good. If you don’t like the theme, you still got to appreciate how many bonuses the game has and the fact that each one of them potentially leads to the jackpot win, making every single moment in the game worth all of your attention.

Being a high volatility slot with a high RTP, we believe Inspector is one of the best progressive jackpot slots released lately.

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