Heroic, Eye of the Dragon

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to tame a fearsome beast then this slot game will give you that chance. This game will pit you against the monster in the hope that you will come out on top.

The five reels and three rows that make up this game are littered with heroes and poker symbols. If you hope to come out triumphant then you must match up three or more matching symbols. There are 20 adjustable paylines that cover the reels and once you’ve adjusted your bet then there’s nothing to prevent you from charging into battle. Players of Heroic: Eye of the Dragon can also enjoy an RTP of 96.59%.

Heroic: Eye Of The Dragon Slot – small but epic proportions

When the reels whirl, that’s when the real excitement begins as you wait for them to come to a stop. Three matching symbols will automatically reward you with a jackpot but there are special symbols on offer too.

One of these is the rearing dragon’s head, which will grant you the free spins bonus for the game. Three instances of these will reward you with your free spins and more can be triggered as you play through them. They’ll be played with the value of the bet that was initially placed when the free spins were unlocked.

There’s a wild symbol on the reels too, which can substitute in for the other symbols that make up the reels. The only symbol that it can’t take the place of is the free spins symbol, as that one accepts no substitutions. The wild symbol within this slot game is represented by a golden dragon’s egg, so it’s easy to spot.

With these symbols on your side, there’s nothing to prevent you from taming the jackpots that come from this game. Dodge the fiery dragon’s breath and make your way to fame and fortune with Heroic Eye of the Dragon. Who knows, you might end up with more than you bargained for.