Gold Rush

If you fancy something of old, Magnet gaming has just the game for you! This time, it’s a game reminiscent of 19th century America at the peak of its Gold Rush. Inspired by the search for lucrative gold returns, the Gold Rush Valley of Riches game is an online slots like no other.

It is a game full of bountiful profit in store for players. With gold as the precious yellow metal concerned, you will find yourself fully immersed and ready to roll throughout the game. The outstanding gameplay, features and graphics are not to be missed out on.

Screenshots of the Gold Rush Slot Game

gold rush

gold rush

Gameplay & RTP: How to Play Gold Rush

In essence, the game consists of 3 reels, 2 progressive jackpots and 3 bonus games. It also has an RTP of 96.5%, Now with regards to the layout of the game, all the action in the Gold Rush slot happens on a set of 3×3 reels. Nothing too complicated to overcrowd the senses of a newbie.

Set against the backdrop of the Wild Wild West, it brings a whole new meaning to the term “gold digger”. With only 8 paylines, looking out for winning combinations will be extremely easy. The charming and rustic layout of game is also rather easy on the eye.

gold rush gameplay


The wager range of the game is not one to disappoint. Anyone with any budget can play. All it takes is a minimum bet of 10p per spin. The highest you would need to invest, if you wish to raise the stakes would be a maximum of £10. How amazing is that? The best part is yet to come! With a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.5% you are sure to have a safe, fair and pleasurable gaming experience. The low variance of the payouts also ensure that you get your returns at pretty frequent intervals.

So not much to lose and loads of fun to gain? That is a gaming package worth checking out. The Gold Rush Valley of Riches slots game is a definite go-to for those looking to vamp up their winnings and undertake a relatively low risk.

Bonus Features: What's Great About The Gold Rush Slot

As with any online slots game, the best parts are the bonus features. And this game definitely has a lot to offer in that department. In total, Gold Rush has three bonus games and two progressive jackpots.

That’s right – loads of opportunities for snagging the riches. You can expand your winnings with all the bonus games you unlock throughout the game. The three bonus games involved are Gold Fever, Gold Digger and Gold Canyon.

gold rush features

For starters, the slot features the Game Flash feature which paves the way for unlocking the three bonus games. If you get three matching gold digger’s wash pan symbols anywhere on your reels, you trigger the Game Flash bonus feature. Through the Game Flash, you can win up to three cash prizes and access to the Gold Fever, Gold Digger and Gold Canyon bonus games.

To activate to the Gold Fever bonus feature all you need to look out for is three Gold Fever symbols. Alternatively you can access this game via the Game Flash. In this bonus feature, you stand a chance to win 20 free spins or multiple shots at the two progressive jackpots. The two progressive jackpots in this game are the Jackpot Flash and the Super Jackpot Flash.

Next up is the Gold Digger bonus feature. Similarly to the Gold fever bonus game, Gold Digger can also be activated through the Game Flash. With three Gold Digger symbols making an appearance on your reels, you will be instantly rewarded with 12 free spins. But that is not all, you also get a shot at the Jackpot Flash!

The ultimate bonus feature in the Gold Rush slot by Magnet Gaming would be the Gold Canyon. To trigger this feature, you will need three Golden Canyon symbols on your reels. You then get a shot at both progressive jackpots for all the fun. The jackpots are not to be taken lightly. The Jackpot Flash gives you a chance to win amounts of up to £1,000. On the other hand, the Super Jackpot Flash gives you the chance of walking home with a staggering £10,000 in your pockets!

User Interface and Experience

The visuals of the game are quirky with a comic touch on the theme of the Gold Rush period. Set against the Wild Wild West timeline, this game is absolutely lovable. One look at the game and you are greeted by a snoring bearded old man. He wakes up every now and then to give you a goofy smile as you spin. The layout is clear and concise with golden text graphics set against your reels.


gold rush graphics

Accompanying your gameplay would be the lilting music of the harmonica and banjo. On the whole it is cute, original and funny. But if you find the soundtrack a little distracting, you can always turn off the sound on the game. As with all Magnet Gaming slots, you can play this game on any of your devices including on your PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Best Feature In Gold Rush

Arguably, the coolest part of this game are the bonus features. The game has been designed to remain exciting from the beginning till the end. We have to say that Magnet Gaming has done an excellent job with the bonus games. They come by often and provide a refreshing twist on your gaming experience.

Not only that, you get dozens of chances to increase your winnings and take home sweet, sweet cash. The game design and the theme go hand in hand to create an immersive gaming experience which will satisfy all types of players, from rookies to old-timers.

Our Take on the Gold Rush Slot Game

In a nutshell, Magnet Gaming has done a spectacular job with this game. The Gold Rush Valley of Riches slots game is a major contender in the world with its plethora of interactive bonus features. On top of that, its user-friendly approach and commitment to fair gaming will appeal to many players especially new gamers.

Blast away your worldly troubles with this game and feel uninhibited and fabulous with your winnings of the day. This wonderfully animated online treat of a slots game will definitely have you coming back for more!