Glorious Empire

Glorious Empire Feature ImageAs its name suggests, Glorious Empire is a game for warriors. Players battle on the great Roman stage, complete with numerous stone pillars and majestic lion crests. Victors can walk away with more than 1,000 times your stake!

These fortunes are delivered through the game’s Sticky Wilds, free spins and reels that pay both ways. It’s a highly bankable game, especially if you’re lucky and skilled enough to capture it.

Gameplay Screenshots

Glorious Empire Game Introduction

Glorious Empire Small Win


Glorious Empire Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

The game literally set you up for success. The game is configured with 40 paylines that can pay both ways. So, you would effectively play with 80 paylines! Winning combinations can begin from either the leftmost or rightmost reel; this delivers two times more wins than a regular slot game that only pays from the left-side. You could also score winning combinations on multiple paylines in a single spin, so that’s a lot of wins to be had.

Games are played from 50p to £500 per spin, unfortunately shutting out rookies and those with small gaming budgets. If you’re looking for 10p spins, I’d recommend Wild Wild West. However, if you have the budget and appetite, Glorious Empire is a real thrill to play. I’ll explain more in the next section.


Glorious Empire Gameplay


The game has an RTP of 96.93% and there are 10 base game symbols on the reels. The blonde-haired goddess (presumably Helen of Troy) is the most desirable of the lot; she can multiply your line stake by 200x if five appears, or even by 5x if only two symbols line up! The remaining symbols—in descending order of value—are the Roman warrior, the winged horse/Pegasus, horse carriage/chariot, armour, A, K, Q, J and 10.

The crest with the lion’s head is the game’s wild. Like the goddess, the lion can pay with only two of them on a payline. These are the only two symbols in the game that can trigger winning paylines so easily.


Glorious Empire Normal Win


I must also draw your attention to the fantastic payouts to be had at Glorious Empire. The game’s payout percentage is 96.9%, which is higher than most other slots out there. The slot has medium variance.

This means that you’ll find an occasional big win amongst the many small wins that pepper your game. Tread carefully. You’ll need to sustain yourself for long enough, so that you can hit that lucrative Free Spins feature.

Bonus Features

You can earn free games when the Scatter symbol appears. The Scatter symbol is the temple, which is the building with lots of pillars. You can get seven free spins with three scatter symbols, 10 free spins with four scatter symbols and 15 free spins with five scatter symbols. Any Wild symbols that appear during the game are held sticky for the remaining free rounds.

As a result, the game becomes even more lucrative as the free spins go on. By your last few free spins, you’d have accumulated lots of wild symbols to assist the cause. This effect is even more dramatic if you managed to score the long 15 extra spin streaks. The free spins can even be re-triggered, delivering the colossal fortunes fit for a goddess.


Glorious Empire Free Games Trigger


Finally, Glorious Empire comes equipped with a Gamble feature, which you can play after every winning spin. Choose between red or black and you can double your win if you predict the next card correctly.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can select a card suit; the correct suit choice quadruples your win! Winnings may be gambled up to five times.


Glorious Empire Feature Gameplay


As always, the gamble feature is incredibly exciting and you could spend many minutes here, almost like playing another game altogether. Again, I must emphasize the importance of keeping an eye of your budget. It’s easy to gamble every win and lose sight of the free spins.

User Interface And Gaming Experience

The slot is almost deliberately ostentatious. Each symbol is extra glossy, with shiny gold decoration around the border and a coloured glow emitting from the center.

A fanfare of trumpets accompany your entire gaming session; there’s even a sparkly jingle tune played after every win! The reels are set against your typical Roman backdrop of temples and elaborate buildings.


Glorious Empire Scatter Symbols


What's Great About Glorious Empire Mobile Slot?

Glorious Empire is not a game for rookies or casual players. The game starts at 50p per bet, which puts you at risk of draining your entire gaming budget if you don’t pace yourself well. More seasoned players should be able to vary their game and keep their balance in check.

Only then will one be able to hold on until the extra spin round and capture those magnificent wins. Alternatively, bold-hearted players could earn their entire payday from those rip-roaring gamble rounds.


Glorious Empire Super Big Win


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

The Glorious Empire slot is a battleground for the bravest and most skilled slot players. Great fortunes lay within; in the extra spin rounds, to be specific.

I believe that every slot player should experience the electrifying gaming experience like Glorious Empire at least once. It’s a roller-coaster of big bets and of course, big wins!