Family Guy

It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. Well, lucky there’s a Family Guy, a man who positively can do all the things that make us laugh and cry… it’s the Fa-mi-ly Guy!

If you’re one of the millions of fans of the politically incorrect Griffin family, I’m sure you’d love this brilliant Family Guy game by IGT.

Players can drink your way to big wins in the Drunken Clam, fight Peter’s mortal enemy in Chicken Fight and even get steamy with Lois in her Hot Free Spins Bonus! It’s a real thrill. Well, there’s not another minute to waste. Onward to Quahog!

Family Guy Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

The Family Guy slot has 30 paylines. The five reels are jampacked with familiar characters and items from the original TV show. The base game symbols are, in descending value, Peter, Lois, Brian, Stewie, Chris, Meg, Stewie’s laser gun, Stewie’s teddy bear and Peter’s bottle of beer. Then, there’s the Family Guy logo as the Wild symbol and a World Bonus scatter symbol that triggers the special bits of the game.

Family Guy Slot Gameplay

Character Mystery Features

Each character doesn’t just hang around on the reels. At any given time during your base game, each family member will delight you with their Mystery Feature:

  • Peter brings on random multipliers
  • Stewie transforms one to three symbols on the reels into wilds
  • Lois offers cash prizes for the appearance of her chosen family members
  • Brian triggers the World Bonus game

Game Payout Values

The game caters to players of all budgets, as you can play from as little as 50p and as high as £2,500 per spin. As for the game’s return to player rate, it sits firmly in the middle of the scale: 92.5% to 96.5% depending on the bonus games.

Moreover, the paytable is rather generous. On regular days, you’d likely win about 10-20x your stake with three-of-a-kind wins, whereas the odd stroke of luck and five-of-a-kind wins will bump your balance up by 500x your stake! Perfectly good returns and nothing to worry about, so you can go ahead and lose yourself in the story.

Bonus Features

In my opinion, the best part of TV-themed slot games is seeing how familiar elements from the original TV show are brought to life in the game’s features and this slot does this excellently. To enter the Family Guy World, you’ll need to get three World Bonus symbols on the reels. Stewie will invite you to spin the Globe, which will take you to either one of three locations.


Family Guy World Bonus


The first location is a cornerstone in the Family Guy series – The Drunken Clam. First off, you’ll choose one guy from Peter’s squad to count on during this drink-off. Then, you’ll select a beer tap to pour drinks from. After each round of drinks, one of the characters might pass out. Your aim is to be the last man standing; the longer your guy holds on, the larger the multipliers! Your final prize is a combination of the taps selected, number of rounds played and the initial triggering coin value. I won a jolly 200x in a single round, but I hear others winning up to 1,000x!

In Chicken Fight, you’ll pick between Peter Griffin or his arch enemy, The Giant Chicken. The pair will duke it out over the course of three rounds. At the end of each round, you’ll get to pick out some money bags (you get to gather more bags if your character wins).


Family Guy Chicken Fight


The third and final bonus game plays at Lois’ not-so-secret taste for S&M. They call this Lois’ Hot Free Spins. The fun starts with 10 free games on a set of richer reels. While playing, you’ll collect symbols of naked Peter in a heart-shaped frame. For every three hearts you collect, one of the symbols is upgraded into a wild, increasing your chances of wins. There’s also a Giggity Retriggity symbol that awards an additional five free spins when it appears. The bonus game always ends too soon.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

Fans of the original TV show is sure to be tickled with this amazing production. I mean, you’d literally play in the Griffin family’s living room! Each character and scene is absolutely spot-on; not surprising really since the game was developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox.

If you turn up the volume, you’d also enjoy brilliant remixes of the show’s opening song while playing as well as famous quips. My personal favourite? “It’s amazing this is still legal” from Brian. The Family Guy slot is available on mobile iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as desktops too.


Family Guy Pay Total


What's Great About Family Guy Mobile Slot?

It’s common for slot developers to partner up with popular brands to create games. After all, no one can resist playing with characters they already know and love. If Family Guy isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other themed slots that you might want to check out. There are two brilliant slots created after the comedy classic, South Park. Action fans would love Superman, Psycho or Aliens, rock music aficionados would love Motorhead or NRVNA. There really is something for everyone.

So, Here's Our Take On This Game

IGT has really hit the ball out of the park with the Family Guy slot. With so many different bonus features occurring every few spins, you’ll never complain of a dull moment. Your casino wallet would rejoice too, especially during those giant bonus payouts. Did we mention that you can enjoy all this sans pants?

IGT's Family Guy slot was released on 12/12/2015.