Drive Multiplier Mayhem

Do you like to live life in the fast lane? Then get to the starting line of Drive Multiplier Mayhem for a high octane adventure. This game will have you racing on the streets to get you on your way to some thrilling jackpots.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot Gameplay

The symbols in this game are mostly poker symbols but there are racers and special symbols too. Players must match up sets of three symbols to release a multiplier to wreak havoc on your wager. As you play, a race car will follow you from beside the reels and when you do well it really kicks into overdrive.

The wild symbol is themed in the same manner, as it is a speedometer with the word ‘wild’ and a multiplier on it. The multiplier is the bit that you will be interested in, as it will be applied to the win. When a wild takes the place of a symbol in a combination, the multiplier acts on the jackpot that you would have won from the symbols alone.

The scatter symbol is your crew and they’ll help you with your winnings with some free spins. During this time another type of symbol will appear, the nitro symbol. This fuel is used to make race cars go even faster and it will certainly accelerate the rate in which you win.

The more of these symbols that you see during the round, the further you will progress through it. Each level will pit you against a different racer and allow you to score bigger jackpots. The more racers you face off against, the more jackpots you will win!

Play Drive Multiplier Mayhem if you’re too fast and too furious for other slot games on the internet. You won’t regret firing up this game, as you could win more than just a race. After all, its 96.7% theoretical payout percentage is better than of many other slots of this kind.