Dazzle Me

If you can’t wait to be dazzled then check out the Dazzle Me slot game for an absolute gem of a slot. This game might not be what you expect from a slot, as it’s played in an entirely different fashion to a traditional one. This fab slot game is ideal for anyone who wants to try a novel way to play.

There are five reels to this slot game but the number of rows changes as you go from left to right. It starts with three rows but moves up to five rows as you go along. These are all covered in dazzling symbols that are befitting of the game’s name, which certainly add a bit of colour to the reels.

Rubies, sapphires and other gems appear on the reels – before you know it you could even be winning these for yourself. There are always 76 paylines active within the game, though you can change your bet with the level and coin value buttons. Symbols must appear beside or diagonally to one another for the multiplier associated to be released.

Diamonds are precious and they are even more so in this game as they are the wild symbol. Any of the reels can be covered in diamonds making them completely wild and giving you yet more chances to win.

If you’re looking for a bonus then you’ll be happy to hear that this game also has a free spins round. This simply styled free spins logo is easy to identify and you’ll only need three of them to get the party started. During free spins, reels can become lined and show the same symbols on a pair. This is brilliant for players as it means that you’ll already have two of the three symbols that you will need to win a jackpot!