Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways Feature Image“There’s GOLD in them hills. A megaways saga in the wild west. WELCOME TO Mt. CASHMORE!” – this is the background to the new mobile slot game, Bonanza Megaways slot. Accompanied by some cowboy music, Bonanza Megaways does transport you back to the dusty and sandy deserts of the Midwest. Things get a little fresher as you see greens and a running water mill on the sides of the reels. But the catchiest element is probably the symbols – variety of precious stones with gold bars (or literally, the letters G O L D) set deep into the gold mines’ bedrock.


Gameplay Screenshots

Bonanza Megaways Big Win

Bonanza Megaways Multiplier Trigger


Bonanza Megaways Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

This game actually only has 6 reels, but it can offer up to 7 symbols per reel. Also, on top of reel 2, 3, 4, and 5 are carts with each of them filled with additional jewels and symbols to act as an extra reel, with the sole purpose of helping you to win more spins and get bigger payouts! With three or more adjacent symbols that appears from left to right, you get paid!


Bonanza Megaways Normal Win


There are up to 117,649 ways to win the Bonanza Megaways mobile slot game. You can bet between 20p and 40p per line, meaning that you do not need deep wallets to play this game. However, you can possibly win up to 10,000x of your total bet – the one thing that really makes this game different and quite possibly, out of the world. The Bonanza Megaways has medium volatility compared to most games but this also means that the payout can be higher than usual. Despite that, what is striking is that the house edge is only 4% meaning that there is a high return to player rate at 96%.


Bonus Features

If you are the type that looks for fast paced action with consecutive, multiple wins, then you will like the Bonanza Megaways with its cascading reels system. This is coined DUALREACTION by Big Time Gaming. The way it works is – when you win in a spin, the main section with 6 reel of symbols will explode and more symbols will drop from above.

And then, new symbols that are in fact part of the carts will starting rolling in from the right hand side to replace the exploded symbols. This is creates a dual reaction of cascades and is aimed to help you get more winning symbols!


Bonanza Megaways Dual Reaction Feature


The concept is fresh, but might be slightly difficult to understand and might require to have a few practices. But it does help create more wins and since the minimum bet is only 20p, this is definitely worth a try. Even with a bit of luck you should be able to walk way with a sizable winning.


Bonanza Megaways Free Spins Multiplier


In addition to that, this game is called MegaWays because for every spin, the total number of symbols on each reel changes and this means that the number of ways to win also changes. As a result, there is an extraordinary 177,649 ways to win. Not all ways to win will be available on each arrangement of reels but you can expect at least a few thousand ways to win in each spin.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

Graphics is not bad in this game. It works well on both mobile and desktop. The only thing lacking is probably the glitter that is supposed to come with all the gold bars. Though the concept is about gold-mining in the Midwest deserts, the main section of reels looks more dull and grey than gold and glittery. There is definitely room for improvement and a little makeover might just make the Bonanza Megaways mobile slot game the next hit.


Bonanza Megaways Free Spins Gameplay


What's Great About The Bonanza Megaways of Power Slot?

The most unique feature of this game is combining 2 of the most sought after feature – endless free spins coupled with unlimited multipliers. However, like all other slot games, this is a possibility, not a promise. So, you have to be quite lucky to experience this unique feature!

If lady luck smiles on you and you happen to find a string of G O L D (literally, the letters G, O, L and D in gold colour) across the reels, you will be taken into a different setting. The background darkens and you will be awarded 12 free spins. The excitement kicks in hereafter with every win. The multiplier increases to an indefinite amount, in theory. Then again, you can expect to get 5x to 10x on average which is still great!


Bonanza Megaways Free Spins Trigger


On top of that, you can possibly get more free spins if you find three or more gold bars symbols in the carts above reel 2, 3, 4, and 5. Once again, the amount of multipliers has no limit!


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

Bonanza Megaways can be a little puzzling for beginners and the glitter might be lacking. But as you get into it, the game is easy to play and when the excitement of endless free spins with unlimited multipliers kicks, it would be hard to stop playing. Costing only 20p per spin, you can definitely do a few spins on this one.