Blackjack Classic

Get down to the Blackjack table and start to play the Classic version of this game. This game is an homage to the type of game that is played in casinos the world over, so get ready for some excitement. The Blackjack Classic game is here to spice up your online casino time with a load of new tricks.

How to play Blackjack Classic

This table game is one that you’ll find in many casinos but this one has a bit of an added twist. Instead of playing with just one hand, you have the option to play with up to three at any time. This means that you can place different bets on your hands to create a game filled with thrills.

There are many betting options within the game to make it more exciting, such as doubling up your bet. It’s not necessary to bet a lot in this game but if you do then you’re definitely in for a good time and it’s easy to do so to boot.

Once you’ve placed at least one bet, you can press the deal button and begin the game. The cards are dealt to any active hands and each one is played separately, so you can undertake different actions on each. This game also gives you the option to double your bet before hitting or standing with your cards.

There are plenty of statistics within this game that you can take a look at to inform your gameplay. The rules of the game are always in plain sight too, so it’s simple to see what you will be paid out and what the dealer’s actions rely upon.

Plus, this form of blackjack has a great RTP rate of 99.41%. Besides, if you check out some ‘Classic' forms of the game with a few extra stipulations, the house edge could be lowered even further to just 0.41%.

Blackjack Classic is an excellent introduction to the game and you can very quickly learn the rules. Play with one hand to start then crank up the action with all three if you dare!