Big Foot Scratch

Sightings of Big Foot might be rare but any intrepid explorer can find the Sasquatch any time with the Big Foot Scratch. This famous beast makes its home in national parks but he’ll happily make his way to your favorite casino device.

Play Big Foot Scratch Slot

The Big Foot legend started hundreds of years ago but there’s nothing dated about this scratch card game. In fact, it has been created with top of the line technology to give you a great time online. This game isn’t your average scratch card, as it contains many chances to win and a fun theme.

When you fire up this game, you will realise that there isn’t just one scratch card within the game. There are actually four, each of which offer you yet another chance of winning big. Using the slider at the right of the screen, players can select just how much they want to bet on these games.

One bet is used across all of the cards, so they all give you the same chance of winning. This game can be played with a bet from 20p to £200, ideal for a player on any budget. The game's RTP is 90.86% – a decent enough rate for a virtual scratch card.

Once you’re happy with the bet that you have chosen you can scratch your cards. You can do this manually, one at a time, or click the wand button to reveal them all. Three matching symbols on one scratch card reveal a prize, they don’t combine so you’ll need those symbols on one single card not across them all.

The prizes in this game are based on multipliers of your original bet and range from doubling your cash to multiplying it by 1000. If you enjoy the Big Foot Scratch game then there’s even a handy button within it that you can use to test out the Big Foot Slot!