300 Shields

300 Shields Feature ImageIf there was a quote that all of us would remember for life, it would be the famous war scream – ‘Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!' Just as we were hyped for the movie 300, we are equally as hyped for the mobile slot 300 Shields.

From the very beginning you will properly entertained by the stunning theme and unparalleled battle feature that 300 Shields sports. In our opinion, NextGen did the movie justice by making such an amazing and savage mobile slot. If you are an action junkie looking for an action packed slot with lots of swords, shields and blood, you have come to the right place. For SPARTA!!!


Gameplay Screenshots

300 Shields Stage One Battle Feature

300 Shields Normal Win


300 Shields Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

Before we get into the swords, blood and the action, let’s quickly run through the basics of this slot game. 300 Shields mobile slot game features a 3×5 reel layout with 25 paylines. You can start playing this game from a mere 25p and bet a maximum of £50 per spin. As you enter the realm of King Leonidas, you will be greeted by a whole arsenal of weapons. One thing for sure, this game is not for the faint of heart. You will see blood (lots of it), weapons of mass destruction and ultimately bloodied warriors.

300 Shields Big Win

The movie 300 and everything that he 300 soldier’s stand for is an accurate representation of the variance and risk in this game: go big or go home, to kill or to be killed.

From a bystander’s point of view, you would have to ask yourself how do 300 soldiers defeat an army with close to 100,000 soldiers? Realistically, this is madness. You would need more than a miracle or a secret weapon to stand a chance. Indeed, the game has an RTP of 95.3%, which is another clue of how risky this situation is.

Well, we felt exactly the same way playing this slot game. Fortunately, NextGen Gaming has given us the secret weapon in this form of bonus feature. There is no way in the world you will be able to maintain your bank balance without the features in this game. More on it in the following section.


Bonus Features

Firstly, we have the Wilds feature. In 300 Shields mobile slot, the Wild symbol comes in the form of the Warrior. As usual, the Wild symbols will replace all other symbols (except scatter) to complete winning paylines. As mediocre as they sound, the Wild symbols are your one true friend and we kid you not, your only lifeline while you are waiting for your free spins to arrive.

This is where all your misery comes to an end. The Battle Feature featuring scatters and free spins in this game is the only chance you got to make it out alive. To trigger this feature you will need three scatter symbols anywhere on your reels. Once you do, you will be rewarded with five free spins with a 2x multiplier on all your winnings.

300 Shields Battle Feature Info

This is where it gets interesting – the Battle feature consists of four stages that you will have to play through and to progress to the subsequent stage you will need shields. Remember this: more shields equals more free spins and win multipliers. Below is the list of the four stages in this game and what you can expect out of it.

  • Stage 1: You will start the battle with five free spins, and every time you get Wild wins, your winnings will be doubled instantly. To progress to Stage 2, you will need to collect 2 shields.
  • Stage 2: You will be rewarded an additional 5 free spins and Wild wins give you a 5x win multiplier instead of the previous 2x. To progress to Stage 3, you will need to collect 6 shields.
  • Stage 3: You will be rewarded an additional 5 free spins and Wild wins give you a 25x win multiplier instead of the previous 5x. To progress to Stage 4, you will need to collect 12 shields. This is the furthest we have gotten in our experience playing this game.
  • Stage 4: This is where you win the battle and come out alive. In this stage, every single Wild win you get will reward you with a staggering 300 times you spin wager. Even a standard £3 wager per spin will net you an unbelievable £1,500.

300 Shields Battle Feature Stage 3


User Interface And Gaming Experience

Engineered and developed by such an experienced developer like NextGen Gaming, there isn’t really anything negative that we could pick on throughout our time playing this mobile slot game. The gameplay is as smooth as you can ask it to be. The graphics and audio especially are definitely on point with the theme of this game. Given the simplicity of this game, 300 Shields even loads quickly on older devices such as on our aged Samsung Galaxy S3.

300 Shields Battle Feature Stage Progression


What's Great About 300 Shields Mobile Slot?

We really think that NextGen Gaming has put a lot of thought into designing the Battle feature in this game. Whilst the feature itself isn’t that revolutionary, the fact that it is coupled with the theme just makes it a whole lot more exciting. Just like in the movie 300 where the Spartans had to win many battles in order to face Xerxes, you would have to go t

A properly entertaining theme and an unparalleled battle feature makes the 300 Shields mobile slot a winner

hrough stages to ultimately win the war. A subtle aspect of the whole slot game, but impressive nonetheless.

300 Shields Super Big Win



So, Here's Our Take On This Game

All in all, we are extremely impressed by 300 Shields mobile slot. As risky as it is, the potential money that are up for grabs is more than worth it. The execution of the theme in this game with the graphics and soundtrack is absolutely breath taking and worth a go.  At the end of the day, the choice is yours: take that risk, and with a little bit of luck, you can shower in glory and wealth forever. As the Great King Leonidas once said, ‘give them nothing, But take from them everything!'

A five-star game for sure.