Five Hilarious Tweets About Online Casino Games

RelaxingEverybody knows that things can get really sour very quickly when gambling online. Every risk is also a chance to win big, but the odds are never in the player’s favour. Thankfully, people have a great coping mechanism to forget those losses and casino failures – they joke about it! And the higher the stakes were, the better are the jokes.
Knowing this, we browsed Twitter in search for hilarious tweets about online casino games and gambling in general. And we weren’t disappointed. Here’s a top five list that we selected from all the stories in the social media. We bet it will make you cry with laughter.

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Hilarious Online Casino Tweets

Let’s start off with a situation all online casino players will recollect from their own experience. How many times have you played a slot and finally hit the bonus round only to win a few pennies back? Especially if it took you dozens of spins to get to! We all hate situations like that and hope that the next bonus round will actually be lucrative.
That’s probably what the author of this post was going through when they came up with a hilarious comparison:

‘What’s the difference between praying in a church and praying in a casino? In a casino, you really mean it!’

Please accept our apologies if you’re an honest Christian. However, to those of us who don’t take religion all that seriously, this is as true as it can get.


Drinking To Forget

friends drinking beer

As difficult as it might be to admit it, our prayers don’t always help. Sometimes we just get too excited or irritated and start chasing our losses. However, every experienced gambler, whether they play online or in real casinos, knows that one must stop before losing everything. This guy over here either didn’t know this or got too careless. The result is pretty obvious from his tweet the same evening.

‘Drinking to forget the £794 loss earlier, keep telling myself it’s only £25 lost!’

Yeah, telling yourself that won’t help, buddy! Not in the long run, anyway. The good thing is that one can always try again another day and win those losses back. Not that we would actually bet on this guy pulling it off.


The Best Strategy

However you look at it, winning a small fortune on an online slot is easy compared to winning the jackpot. 6-digit or even 7-digit jackpots accumulate because thousands of people lose trying to claim them. On the other hand, there can only be one winner. A clever gambler understood this and came up with a strategy on how to make a slot pay out its progressive jackpot. Here it is.

‘The best strategy to get a slot to hit a jackpot is to log out and let others play it.’

So, the next time you feel like a jackpot slot only pays when you’re not playing it, don’t worry. An average jackpot hunter may spend a fortune without ever hitting the mega win, so you’re not alone.


Tweet On Live Roulette

Unlike the other tweets here, this one is definitely not taken from personal experience. However, we couldn’t skip it anyway as it’s both witty and true.

‘What did the elephant say to the leopard dealer at the live roulette table? I’m glad you’re not a cheetah.’

Who doesn’t love silly puns, especially when they are true? A cheating dealer would be a catastrophe to all the players and the reputation of the casino too. There’s no joking about that.



Online Casino Games And Internet Failure

Our last hilarious tweet about online casino games is very specifically related to online casinos only. They all require the internet connection to be able to update the game outcomes in real time. If you lose the internet connection, your game is instantly over!
This always arouses frustration and anger, especially if it happens at a critical moment. Some people take it more seriously and just rage quit it. Others go even further and channel their anger to someone who has nothing to do with it. Here’s how it went to one gambler on Twitter.

‘My internet went down while I was playing Divine Fortune. I’m ok, but the 999 operator was a real jerk about it.’

Our sympathies go to the unfortunate operator who answered the vicious player’s call. They probably had to listen to some spicy swearwords too. Hope you enjoyed our hilarious findings and let’s pray that we don’t end up in situations like these. It wouldn’t be that funny then, you know.

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