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Nektan LogoMany of our players are familiar with the fact that last year GoWin Casino relaunched with Nektan’s casino platform at our core. The move to Nektan not only provided us to a killer playing platform which makes your experience better and more convenient, but also gave us access to hundreds of new games from both Nektan and other developers which we’ve been adding regularly ever since. In this post we’re going to take a longer look at Nektan as a company, discuss its games, and explore why we decided to run on its software.


Nektan Company History

Though its roots reach all the way back to 2008, it was 2013 which was the year that made Nektan the company it is today. Having operated a number of online and mobile casinos in the past, 2013 saw Nektan merger with Mfuse Limited – a gaming technology company which brought with it not only a pre-existing gaming platform (which it renamed and repackaged as the Evolve platform), but also the expertise of how to design and develop the online and mobile slots and casino games Nektan envisioned releasing.

Ever since this merger took place, Nektan has been rapidly growing its space in the market, both by relentlessly releasing its own game titles, and by signing up third party operators to run their casinos on Nektan’s software. Players everywhere are becoming more and more familiar with Nektan’s games, and more and more companies are opting to use its platforms to manage their casino operations. GoWin is one such casino.


Games Available By Nektan

plucky-pirates-slot-logoAt first – as with many mobile slots and casino games developers – Nektan released a number of games which played on well-worn tropes of casino gaming. This is how we ended up with games like the classic fruit machine styled Get Fruity, the Central American jungle themed Mayan Marvels, as well as the swashbuckling Plucky Pirates. Although these themes lacked some imagination, the quality of execution of the games really shone through, and these slots were a pleasure to play regardless.

Candy Swap logoAs Nektan started to flex its innovation muscles, it started to be a little more adventurous with its themes. This is when we started seeing slots which mimicked popular matching games pop up (in the form of Candy Swap), as well as comical slots like the Christmasy Elf and Safety. Then of course there’s the super patriotic Best of British, which features everything good about the UK. These games signaled the turning point, where Nektan really started to put the stamp of its own character on its creations.


Nektan And GoWin Casino — Match Made In Heaven


GoWin is proud to be a Nektan casino. We love the games we’re able to offer our players with Nektan, and believe that our players’ experience is greatly improved by playing through its platform.

Nektan’s platform not only gives us access to Nektan’s own branded slots, but also allows us to add new games from a range of other great developers including everyone from NetEnt to Lightning Box. It’s this special access to literally thousands of possible games which has made it possible for us here at GoWin to add new games every single week since we relaunched with Nektan. What’s more, we’ve been able to cherry pick the games we think are right for our players, so we can curate the perfect casino experience for you.

Hooking our wagon up to the Nektan train had another huge benefit for our players. One little known fact about Nektan is that if you sign up as a white label site, you can be part of the syndicated promotions the company runs. This is how we’re able to consistently deliver big bonuses all year round, and guarantee we always have an exciting promotion or two for you to take advantage of. Why wouldn’t you want to play at a Nektan Casino?

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