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boku deposit limitMobile phone payments at mobile casinos are a very effective tool if you want to make a quick deposit. They can even help you if you have, for some reason, lost access to your bank account or given e-wallets a wide berth. It's not for everybody, but many players still seem to find them useful despite their limitations.

One of those limitations is the daily £30 deposit limit which mobile networks implement on all users so they don't overspend and a few players (especially high-rollers) are a little disgruntled about this. Why should we have to endure a £30 deposit limit when other people find it difficult to control their impulses, they cry. Yet, mobile phone payments have deposit limits for a very good reason and today we're going to defend them from all kinds of criticism.


A Budgeting Tool

budgetingSay what you want about mobile phone payment limits, but it cannot be denied that they are an effective budgeting tool. Imagine, if you will, that you've gone over a bit more than usual on your spending. Not just with online gambling, but spending in general. Naturally, you'd want to be a bit tighter when it comes to dishing out money.

With mobile gambling and gambling in general, the adrenaline rush you get on a winning streak is hard to resist. Even the most disciplined of us can get caught off-guard from time to time. This is why mobile phone payments are a good thing if you stick with them: the £30 limit ensures you don't go overboard.

It may be all well and good saying that ‘you don't need it because you're always in control,' but we all need to have physical limitations in place sometimes. That's because we don't always know what's good for us. You wouldn't neglect to wear a seat belt simply because you think you're responsible driver than other drivers, would you? Precautions need to be in place so that we don't put ourselves in danger.


Prevents Problem Gambling

gambling addictionAs a natural extension of the first point, having this physical, non-negotiable measure on mobile phone payments is far more likely to prevent problem gambling than it is if such a measurement were not put into place. If you think about it, spending £30 a day is still quite a bit of money anyway.

If you do that for an entire month, that's going to leave you with an enormous hole in your pocket: £30 x 30 days, after all, is still £900. Imagine spending £900 a month alone on gambling! So, there's still plenty of room to manoeuvre even if the limit is in place.

Of course, it can be argued that a problem gambler is still a problem gambler and will seek other methods of payment regardless of mobile phone payments and their limits. Consider this, though. If mobile phone payments only work one way,  they already come with strict limitations and a user has it as their primary deposit method, then they are probably unable to use other methods or refuse to.

We could go further and say it's an issue of class, but deposit limits have to exist so that addiction is kept to a bare minimum. And it works! Currently, gambling addiction in the UK is below 0.5% despite the rise of mobile gambling and the more ‘easily accessible' ways people can do it.


Bridges Different Classes

Thumbs UpNot to drag too much social politics in this discussion, but expanding on the class topic, mobile phone payments help bridge the gap between white and blue collar workers, though it could be argued the lines between them these days are rather blurred. Basically, gambling is often seen a positive lifetime for the wealthy.

This is natural, of course, as there's money involved. And some may argue that if you don't have much money you have no business gambling. We disagree with this, as nothing should off-limits due to economic circumstance.

So, these limits an effective way to stop people becoming even more economically disadvantaged than they already might be. Of course, if you are tight on money, we strongly advise you not to gamble as you might need that for rent. Rest assured, however, that the limit is there if you need it!

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