Why You’re Going To Stop Using Boku And Start Making Trustly Deposits

trustlyWe’ve talked again and again in posts on this blog about how mobile phone billing is the dominant force in mobile casino depositing, but there’s a chance it’s seeing some competition for this title from an unlikely challenger?

It hasn’t been all that long since we added Trustly as a depositing option onto our site, but ever since we did it’s been growing in popularity among player, especially those who might otherwise turn to mobile phone bill deposits.

Trustly works in a similar way to an e-wallet, allowing you to make transfers directly to your casino account from your bank account. Yet, instead of the normal login and user name, Trustly requires only that you enter the phone number associated with your Trustly account and they’ll send you an SMS to confirm the payment. You might already be seeing some similarities between this payment method and phone bill depositing, so let’s crack right on and discuss why Trustly might appeal to the same players.


Convenient, Phone Number Only Deposits

phone number depositingAs mentioned in the introduction, there are many elements of Trustly payments which will look familiar to Boku users. Not least the fact that all you have to tell the Trustly interface at your chosen casino is your phone number, and it’ll send to a confirmation SMS to allow the payment to go through.

This mean that payments made by Trustly are every bit as convenient as those made with Boku or other mobile phone bill deposit methods. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Trustly requires you to set up an account before making any deposits, so it’s not quite as straightforward as Boku deposits, but in many ways it’s very much the same.


Security And Privacy

Safety PadlockAnother similarity shared between mobile phone bill deposits and Trustly is the high security rating that comes with both depositing methods. If you’re worried about casinos, hackers or scammers getting hold of your personal information, or even worse, your bank details, then you’ll want a payment method that keeps your information as far away from prying eyes as possible.

Trustly and mobile phone bill deposits both offer this. Of course, with Trustly, you still have a user account with financial information stored within, but that extra buffer between your money and the casino you’re playing at should fill you with some confidence.


Higher Limits And More Choice

boku deposit limitSo, we’ve talked a lot about why Boku depositors might choose Trustly as well as Boku, but what about why you might want to use Trustly instead of Boku? Well, how about the fact that Trustly has much higher deposit limits than Boku? While one of the perennial complaints of Boku users is the fact that you’re limited to £10 per transaction or £30 a day, Trustly generally allows its user to make deposits up into the hundreds of pounds.

Moreover, when you’re using Boku, your only option is for the money you deposit to come from your phone bill, whereas with Trustly, you’re able to choose between any of the deposit methods you’ve added to your Trustly account for each transaction, whether that’s a credit or debit card or a direct bank transfer.


Trustly At GoWin Casino

GoWin LogoOne of the reasons we here at GoWin Casino feel so comfortable discussing the merits of phone bill depositing versus Trustly is that we don’t have a horse in the race. That is to say, our lack of bias on the subject stems from the fact that we offer both mobile phone and (in the form of Boku) as well as Trustly.

Giving out players as much choice as possible when it comes to not only banking options, but also things like games and promotions, is simply what we’re about. If you want to make a deposit via Trustly, all you need to do (provided you’ve already got a Trustly account set up) is to select Trustly from our selection of depositing options.

Then choose how much you want to deposit and enter your phone number – et voila. Trustly will send you a confirmation SMS to ensure it is you trying to make the deposit and as soon as you respond positively, your payment will be transferred from your bank account to your player account here at GoWin.

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