Your Destiny Awaits


After months of hype, the highly anticipated first-person shooter Destiny hit stores worldwide on the 9th September. Not only is Destiny the world's most expensive video game to make at a whopping £310 million but it was also the most pre-ordered new IP game (one not part of an existing series) in history. From Halo developer Bungie and Call of Duty Publisher Activision, Destiny boasts an always-online world for gamers to jump into the boots of a custom-created ‘Guardian' to team up with friends and strangers alike to fight several hostile alien species with the aim to save the human race from extinction.

Set in a future where humans have spread out among the stars and colonised on new planets throughout the solar system, an event known as ‘The Collapse' put mankind on the brink of being wiped out.

In order to rebuild and repopulate following this catastrophic event, mankind must first eliminate the alien races who have now taken over these colonies. In a bid to save humanity, players will need to utilise a power source known only as ‘The Light' which grants different abilities based on which class you've selected.

Saving the frontier

Destiny ps4

It's no surprise that Destiny has been compared to the Halo series with Bungie behind the wheel. The two are similar in terms of a sci-fi, futuristic setting but Destiny is so much bigger and more evolved than anything Bungie, or most developers, have attempted before. There's more of a Borderlands feel to it in terms of being able to jump straight into a friend's game and the leveling system based on XP from fallen foes which help to unlock new abilities and equipment.

The original Borderlands was released back in 2009 by 2K games and proved to be a very popular role-playing first-person shooter having now sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide leading to a sequel being released in 2012. In Borderlands, gamers chose a class, built up their character and could participate in 4-player co-op throughout the campaign which took place on Pandora, a prison planet away from Earth. It was also heavily customisable and there's more than an echo of that here, from the weapon you wield to what colour armour you wear into battle.

Customisable weaponry

Destiny guardians

On your journey you'll bump into other gamers who are either trying to complete the same objective as you or are on a completely different mission entirely and are just passing through to a different area. It gives a unique feel to it, you're pinned down by a group of aliens with no hope of survival until a group of 3 strangers ride in, help you out, then move on. Of course, they could choose just to leave you and avoid any conflict at all. It's about how you want to play.

With so many Guardians in the world at the same time, you'd think it difficult to strike a balance between your level compared to the next player. One issue with Borderlands was how, early on at least, we felt very underpowered until we could afford the best weapons. Bungie have done a fantastic job of balancing the game by matching gamers with enemies and fellow Guardians of a similar level.

Striking a balance

Destiny weaponry

Even the early weaponry feels like they have weight and deal a hefty amount of damage. If you want to feel like you're shooting pebbles though, you can choose to play each level on either Normal or Hard difficulty for an added challenge and an XP bonus. It's also useful to play with a friend who can quickly revive you when you fall to avoid restarting.

Bungie admitted that they didn't release any early versions of the game to sites for review ahead of release as nobody would be able to get a sense of the world that they've created here. The game's best played when millions of people are online, interacting and helping each other out of tough situations to save humanity. First impressions of Destiny are very promising and we'd recommend any gamer get their hands on a copy to experience life as a Guardian first-hand.

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