Will Pay By Phone Billing Kill Off Other Methods Of Paying At Mobile Casinos?

pay by phone casino picIt's been said a million times, but pay by phone billing has got to be one of the most convenient and forward-thinking methods of mobile depositing in the mobile gambling industry. It's quick, easy and the pure nature of it allows for mobile players to play at mobile casinos more easily than ever before. The simplicity of it is almost beautiful.

Then, there is little wonder why it's becoming one of the most popular methods of payment. But has it grown so large that it's threatening to make all other payment methods obsolete? Could we, in a few years, say goodbye to e-wallets, wire bank transfers and even credit cards? We don't think it's anywhere near this stage yet but, who knows? Anything could happen.


The Rise Of Pay By Phone Billing

Phone Mobile PaymentLike we said in the intro, the amount of people now using pay by phone billing has risen higher to heights never before seen. It's not an unprecedented amount like 60% of users preferring it as a method over others. In fact, as good as it is, it does have some flaws.

For instance, it's only a one way street when it comes to pay by phone billing, as you can only use it to make deposits. Withdrawals are, at least for the time being, out of the question. There is also a daily limit of £30, which is enough for many, but for the high-rollers who love to gamble it's not an ideal way of paying up.

That's not even mentioning the fact that many users see pay by phone billing almost as a last resort. Lost your credit card? Use your phone. Can't remember your e-wallet password? Use your phone. Got no money until the end of the month? Use your phone.

Exactly because of this, it's hard to accept pay by phone billing as a serious deposit method for some players. Then again, when some players see how handy it is then might go onto use it all the time. And there is where the popularity for it comes.


Monopolising The Market

pay by phone ewSo is pay by phone billing in danger of monopolising the mobile casino payment market? Right now, it's hard to say. There are numerous organisations out there who are already out there providing the pay by phone billing service. Companies like Boku, for instance, make the whole process streamlined and incredibly easy to handle. Other companies like Zimpler make it specifically for mobile gamblers to use.

But the more niches there are, the more companies are going to emerge. The more they do so, the more they will become the dominant depositing method in the entire industry.On the one hand, it's cool that more and more users are turning to pay by phone billing, yet on the other hand, it does sound rather dull when  all you can use is pay by phone billing. We don't want it to be everywhere, after all!


The Importance Of Variety

gowin neteller deposit

And that brings us onto the importance of variety. If we were to hazard a guess, we think that mobile casinos would prefer to have more than one method of payment on their websites as they would rather have the variety there so that, just in case players can't use pay by phone billing, they have other options to choose from.

Even if pay by phone billing were to dominate the industry entirely, we think it would be bad for mobile casinos to crumble under the pressure. Besides, it's not like e-wallets and credit card companies will evaporate because the mobile gambling sector doesn't want them anymore.

In fact, we'd reiterate that the mobile gambling market would always want them, no matter how easy pay by phone billing is. Check out all the payment methods we have here at GoWin casino!