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Football lovers worldwide unite, the 2018 World Cup is fast approaching — we know, it’s been a long four years and soon the world cup 2018 predictions game will commence. There is nothing quite as exciting for football fans as the World Cup. And fortunately, the World Cup 2018 winner prediction game also draws near. An international footballing fiesta showcasing the talent of the very best footballers in the world – what is not to like?

As the commencement draws nearer, pundits of World Cup predictions and fans alike are beginning to play the world cup 2018 predictions game, with world cup winner predictions being selected throughout the media. So, we thought we would have a go ourselves.

What follows is our World Cup predictor which includes some general information about this summer’s tournament, World Cup 2018 predictions for the group stage, Brazil and Argentina world cup predictions and our World Cup 2018 predictions winner.

So, sit back, relax and let us guide you through our Fifa World Cup predictions 2018. We are very interested to hear whether you side with our Fifa World Cup 2018 predictions or not, so be sure to comment with your Fifa World Cup predictions below and let the world cup 2018 prediction competition begin!

World Cup 2018 Fifa — World Cup Predictions Winner

The 2018 World Cup will be hosted by Russia and will commence on the 14th June, ending on the 15thJuly. There are questions about Russia’s suitability as hosts of football’s biggest prize. Still, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly affirmed that the Russian World Cup will be a grand spectacle without any problems.

All but one of the World Cup stadiums will be in European Russia, ensuring that travel times between stadiums will not be arduous.

A set number of 32 teams will compete. Notable absentees are four-time winners, Italy and three-time runners-up, the Netherlands. Iceland and Panama will compete in their first ever World Cups. Let’s see how they do in the world cup prediction competition.

Now, let’s get on with our World Cup predictions and play the world cup predictor game and see if we can’t predict the World Cup 2018 winner. A ‘World Cup – Make Your Own Predictions' is also a fun game. We highly recommend that you try it!

Who Will Win World Cup 2018?

Good question. The World Cup 2018 winner prediction game isn’t an easy one. There are a few countries in serious contention to win the World Cup and there isn’t really a truly stand-out team, making 2018 World Cup winner predictions not exactly a piece of cake. A World Cup 2018 winner prediction must account for a number of factors and ultimately, it is far more difficult to judge the ability of international teams in comparison to clubs.

Germany and Brazil are the two absolute favourites for who will win the World Cup 2018, but the likes of Spain, France and Argentina possess players with exceptional talent and should all muster serious challenges. Spain particularly have a wonderful, world-class squad, and it is quite surprising to see that they aren’t among too many people’s Fifa World Cup 2018 winner predictions.

In addition to them, we have a couple of other teams we wish to route for as they have good 2018 World Cup winner predictions.

But, before we dig deeper, let’s consider what the group stages may have in store for us. From there, we can ascertain some more certain football World Cup predictions.

World Cup Qualification Predictions: Group Stage

The steady supply of televised matches during the group stage is the stuff of footballing heaven, with live football seemingly available every hour; we cannot wait.

Here is our World Cup 2018 prediction for the group stage:

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

Uruguay should top the group fairly comfortably. Russia to edge Egypt in second.

Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

Spain and Portugal firm favourites. Spain to go through as group winners.

Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

France should easily win the group. Denmark to join them in the knockout stages.

Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

The so-called ‘group of death’. Argentina to win the group, with Croatia progressing too. Iceland and Nigeria could give Croatia problems. Any of the three could feasibly make it through.

Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

Brazil 1st. A tough one to call for second place with all three countries enjoying strong qualifying campaigns. We go with Serbia, just.

Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Germany to top the group comfortably. Mexico to progress with them, but Sweden are an interesting proposition having knocked out Italy in the qualifying play-offs.

Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

Belgium and England should qualify with no problems. Unfortunately, Panamanian and Tunisian cup predictions are not exactly favourable. We pick Belgium to get the top spot.

Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

Any of these sides could feasibly go through. This is possibly the most competitive group. Our picks are Colombia to top the group and Poland to finish second.

World Cup 2018 Group Predictions

We’ll go out on a limb here and say, as we said in the previous section, making World Cup 2018 group predictions is far easier than World Cup 2018 winner predictions. Every Fifa world cup predictor would probably agree with us on this one.

It’s a much more precise estimate to make, not to mention there are less teams to go for in the overall scheme of things. Some teams which may not have a hope of progressing to the finals might even find some glory and get a win for their group overall.

At the end of the day, WC 2018 group stage may be less frustrating to bet on thanks to the precision of these said bets. World Cup group A predictions state that Uruguay will come out on top, mostly due to the fact we’ve already stated. Meanwhile, World Cup 2018 group B predictions and World Cup group C predictions World Cup are not so clear-cut.

World Cup group D predictions is a whole other story. The so-called “nightmare” group has produced countless headaches for odds predictors the world over. World Cup group predictions may not be as easy as it may seem. On the other hand, it is more certain than football World Cup 2018 predictions.

But there’s our take on the world cup group winners predictions. We hope you gleaned something from it.

True or false: Brazil will World Cup 2018

Brazil Football Team Players

2018 Fifa winner predictions Five-time World Cup winners Brazil are many people’s favourites to lift the trophy. After a crushing 7-1 semi-final defeat to Germany four years ago on their own turf, Brazil will be desperate to make amends.

They are certainly playing at a level and in a spirit commensurate with winning tournaments. They were unbeaten in qualifying and looked ruthless, with a fine balance to the team.

The widely-liked and respected Selecao coach, Tite, is in no doubt that Brazil can turn on the style in Russia and return home victorious. Brazil to win World Cup seems more or less assured.

Brazil have an intensity and flair to their game that Brazilians have not seen for many years, and their squad is packed with tremendous attacking talent. Jesus, Coutinho, Firmino, Willian, Neymar, you would be hard-pressed to find a country with more gifted individuals.

With the experience in defence of the likes of Dani Alves, Marcelo and Thiago Silva along with the impressive Ederson of Manchester City between the sticks, and a midfield of winners such as Casemiro and Fernandinho, it is difficult to find a weak spot in the whole squad.

Brazil have all the credentials to win the World Cup, but we’ll wait for the world cup knockout stage predictions before we make the final call. In short, time will tell if Brazil will win world cup 2018. Overall, however, we’d say Brazil World Cup predictions are pretty solid.

Can Argentina Win World Cup 2018?

The World Cup 2018 predictor game is a treacherous path. Argentina were mightily close to winning the World Cup four years ago and today they possess a squad with a treasure box of attacking gold. World Cup predictions say they may be close to doing so again. Argentina World Cup wins are more likely than you think.

Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain are two of the most proven and experienced goalscorers in world football. With the likes of Angel di Maria and the promising Paolo Dybala in midfield, their attacking options look frightening, as per World Cup 2018 predictions.

And they have that bloke called Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player we have ever seen. With Messi in their ranks, Argentina can beat anyone and should therefore be considered as one of the favourites. Our opinion will be better formed once the predicted Argentina World Cup squad is confirmed.

It cannot be denied that Argentina are somewhat unbalanced. Defensively, there are problems and they will concede goals. They also lack a top-class goalkeeper. This puts a slight dent in their Fifa world cup predictions 2018.

Honestly, South American teams makes wc predictions so much murkier simply by participating in them. Most are just too good for the majority of other nations that it defies logic sometimes. However, this does make 2018 Fifa winner predictions easier to guess.

Argentina can definitely win the World Cup with their attacking options, but the lack of balance in the side means they lack what other countries enjoy. Only the World Cup predictions game can tell if they will win for sure.

Prediction World Cup 2018 Winner

FIFA World Cup Trophy

So with all that being said, what are our 2018 Fifa winner predictions? The Fifa World Cup predictor game is a tricky business after all, making numbers uncertain. France to win World Cup odds seem just as stable as Croatian football Cup Predictions at this point. Here is our winner prediction.

As alluded to, Germany, France and Spain are favourites to win this World Cup. They are countries littered with outstanding players, and any one of them could certainly lift the trophy on 15th July. The people taking Russia 2018 World Cup predictor marathon upon themselves sure seem to think so.

Germany, the holders and last year’s Confederations Cup winners, are a formidable prospect for any team. Count them out at your peril. World Cup 2018 predictions winner can change, you know!

France too could so easily have won the Euros two years ago. Their squad is exceptional, and if they can match the level they played at two years ago, excluding the final, they have a chance. This is what makes the World Cup prediction game so difficult.

Spain still has a squad which most other counties envy. It is strangely easy to forget that this is a hugely experienced squad with quality and winners everywhere you look. Don’t be surprised if you see Sergio Ramos lifting the trophy in the summer. Every World Cup winner prediction says he might.

As mentioned, Argentina should definitely be considered with their supply of attacking options, in spite of their defensive fragilities. Prediction World Cup 2018 winner sites seem to favour them.

Belgium boasts a hugely impressive squad and could cause a few upsets. The question is whether the individuals can gel as a team. Fifa World Cup 2018 winner predictions say they could.

But our favourites for who will win 2018 World Cup and lift the trophy are Brazil. Their squad has balance, depth and talent with a host of in-form players, which is key. Add to that the fact that Tite has brought a harmonious spirit to the dressing room with a winning mentality, with no reliance on one single player, and Brazil get our pick for winners of the 2018 World Cup.

Yet, can Germany win the World Cup 2018? The odds seem heavily in their favour and they have a pretty good overall track record. That doesn’t mean they could win based purely on figures alone. But let's be daring and just say it – Germany will win the World Cup 2018 as they have won the most out of all nations aside from Brazil.

England World Cup Predictions

England are not exactly favorites to win World Cup 2018. As a matter of fact, they are considered to be one of the lesser teams in the competition. They’re not terrible. They may even make it to the knockout round. But that will probably be as far as they go. World Cup forecast sites tell us that they would be lucky to make it to the semi-final.

Sorry, England fans. That’s just the way things are. Can they possibly pull through and give us a victory after all? Who knows? With a team  similar in skill to the 2014 world cup, we doubt we’ll see much improvement overall, let alone England to win World Cup 2018.

While it’s hard to predict at this stage who will be the 2018 World Cup winner, we believe we’ve demonstrated that we can make a very educated guess based on past performances. After all, each Fifa World Cup predictions game starts based on past performances. That’s what makes every World Cup predictor seem less biased.

That’s to say the same for this time around. Every World Cup 2018 predictor and every World Cup prediction is based in fact, i.e.: on objective qualities. This is how you know that, despite us yearning for an English victory we’re realists and know that it probably won’t happen.

Why World Cup Predictions 2018 Are So Tricky

There are various reasons as to why the Russia 2018 predictor game is most difficult: the World Cup 2018 possible winners count is simply too high to register. For another, odds tend to change a lot, meaning that it is difficult for a lot of us to forecast exactly how things will turn out for the most part.

Fifa winner predictions are usually difficult anyway due to the volatile nature of the competition and the ever-changing aspect to the game. Previous winners predicted by countless sports betting sites could suddenly drop out while previously unthought of champions emerge almost overnight.

There is a pattern to these things, however, a pattern you shouldn’t overly rely on, but that make Fifa 2018 winner predictions all the easier.

Usually the winners of past competitions tend to emerge victorious, which makes things a little unfair but that should motivate other teams to try and better themselves so that they could win. After all, they have four years to train. They need to if they ever want a chance of being Fifa World Cup champions. We’re looking at you, England…

Meanwhile, we’ll be having our own fun making our own World Cup 2018 match predictions and world cup 2018 bracket predictions. They make the whole tournament more interesting. WM 2018 predictions have never been trickier.

World Cup 2018 Draw Predictions

So let’s ignore the World Cup winner predictor game at the moment and take a look at what the draw count is likely to be. Well, according to World Cup pred websites, draws are much more likely than you might think.

We would be here all day if we listed all the draws for every match in the World Cup, but basically any one of them could end up in a draw. Hell, some matches have the draw odds much higher than even the winner odds. This may even be a much more viable option than betting on the latter.

After all, that’s what the Fifa world cup 2018 logo is supposed to represent, isn’t it? The diversity and ever-changing nature of the World Cup? It would be boring if all we could base all 2018 Fifa predictions on is the predictions for world cup winner. That would make World Cup 2018 predictions competition very boring indeed.

Life’s not all about winning, after all. Although, we understand why the teams may want to before the winner of this tournament. As well as being paid a lot of money, their reputations will go up significantly. Let’s see how many of them either live up to or defy World Cup final predictions.

Which Continent Will the Winner Be?

One of the other things you can bet on aside from the World Cup groups 2018 predictions is betting on which continent the winner will be from. For example, you could predict who will win the World Cup by assuming they will at least be from South America or from Europe.

Those latter two are probably the most likely to win, going off what has happened in the past. The winner always ends up being either European or South American (mostly Brazil). This makes the 2018 World Cup predictions game just that bit more interesting.

On the other hand, we totally understand if you want to make a World Cup prediction game 2018 mostly about the winner of the entire tournament. The Fifa World Cup 2018 predictor game gets us like that. Sometimes, betting on the continent feels like a bit of a cop out. The bet also becomes obsolete if both teams in the finals are from the same continent. Either way, Russia Cup predictions allow for such bets  if safe is the route you want to go.

This is why football World Cup predictions are so tricky. Nobody wants to bet on the outright winner, because the uncertainty is too high. This causes people to make safer and less interesting bets, rendering the World Cup prediction game 2018 near enough pointless.

How Many Teams Have Won the World Cup?

Before you check on 2018 World Cup predictions properly, it may be wise to ask yourself how many teams out of the 20 World Cups there have been so far have won the World Cup. World Cup match predictions are built entirely on these numbers and could helps us forecast who the next winner will be.

Here are the eight winners of the world cup so far:

  • Brazil — 5
  • Germany — 4
  • Italy — 4
  • Argentina — 2
  • Uruguay — 2
  • England — 1
  • France — 1
  • Spain — 1

This is how predictions to win the World Cup 2018 have come about. You can understand now why Brazil are set to be the favourites to win, seeing how they’ve won ¼ of the tournaments so far. However, their last win was 2002, meaning the World Cup 2018 cake will likely go to Germany as they won the last one in 2014.

You can also see why we think the winner will more likely be either from Europe or from South America, due to the history of wins from these continents. However, that isn’t to say that football World Cup 2018 predictor is right. We could see an African or Asian nation reach the final this time. It’s unlikely but football winning predictions have been wrong in the past.

In short, it’s super difficult to predict the World Cup 2018 as the World Cup predictor competition is marred by history and past performances which make for uncertain odds. So, to sum it all up, the best Fifa World Cup 2018 prediction we can make is that Brazil are most likely the victors – go for it!

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